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Video of the Xiaomi Black Shark. This is the smartphone for Xiaomi gamers


We can finally get an idea of ​​what the new smartphone for gamers where Xiaomi works with the Black Shark company. In previous occasions we had seen images of the terminal but now it is when we can confirm it by means of this short Video of the Xiaomi Black Shark .

A couple of days ago we came across an image of the device that was advancing a possible similarity with Nintendo Switch . This is due to the presence of sliders, or so it seemed at the time, on both sides of the phone that could be added to the screen to play comfortably in any Google Play Store game.

However this new video of the Xiaomi Black Shark dismantles this theory, because it lets us see the Xiaomi gamers smartphone on the back and front at the same time, leaving much clearer the design and the absence, for the moment, of any type of gamepad on the phone.

How will the Xiaomi Black shark be?

As can be seen in the video, the Xiaomi Black Shark It looks like a classic smartphone in the front, with the look of a Razr terminal on the back. This is directly confronted with first filtered photos of Xiaomi’s smartphone that showed a gamepad integrated in the body of the phone.

Now all the bets revolve around that the same box of the mobile will include an adapter with a gamepad, like the ones that we have already shown you at the time of play PUBG with your mobile , which would add control options to new Xiaomi phone . In this way we have the classic look that appears in the video along with the type of smartphone gamer that was seen in the first photos of the phone.

Video of the Xiaomi Black Shark. This is the smartphone for Xiaomi gamers

As for the rest of the characteristics of the Mobile for Xiaomi gamers, we are sure that it would mount a Snapdragon 845 as well as up to 8 GB of RAM. Since the mobile will need a lot of storage to install games, it is likely to find 128 or 256 GB of internal capacity as well as compatibility with MicroSD cards.

Little more we know of the smartphone that, according to the rumors, could come to appear this week. It will be then when we can confirm the design that appears in this Video of the Xiaomi Black Shark as well as the mentioned specifications.