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Video analysis of the new iPad 2018 with support for Apple Pencil

483 Apple presented on March 27 a new iPad . A tablet renewed with small changes internally, although the biggest…


Apple presented on March 27 a new iPad . A tablet renewed with small changes internally, although the biggest news announced was the official support with the Apple Pencil pointer. Today, our colleagues from Apple5X1 bring us a complete video analysis of the iPad 2018 in which they tell us their impressions after a week with which they also respond to many of the doubts of the users who choose their purchase.

Very focused on educational software, the presentation event of the iPad 2018 left to see in new model of tablet with screen of 9.7 inches of Apple. Now, our companions of Apple5X1 are in a position to tell us what their impressions have been when using the model, including the new details such as the pink gold color -bright- and other points of interest.

Video analysis of the new iPad 2018

Fernando del Moral brings to the fore a new video analysis of one of Appleā€™s newest devices. We refer to the iPad 2018, of which we already told you all the technical details on March 27, the day of its official presentation. In fact, you can expand information on its characteristics and details of its specifications through the technical sheet of the iPad 2018.

Also, we attach a video in which our colleagues let us see in detail the unboxing of the iPad 2018, as well as a small comparison with the previous generation, the fifth generation of the iPad.

In the first bars of the video, which you can access a little below from Apple5X1 , Fernando offers us his impressions at design and hardware level. The truth is that it is rather a slight review of the most outstanding points since the changes in this sense are rather discrete if we compare this new model with that of last year.

The differential is in the support for Apple Pencil

The second part of the video analysis of the iPad 2018 emphasizes one of its most innovative qualities. That is none other than the support for the pointer Apple Pencil . Fernando del Moral exposes us what are the functionalities of this stylus, as well as the software with which we can get the most out of it.

Video analysis of the new iPad 2018 courtesy of Apple5X1

In the final part, by way of conclusion, we have a reflection that can help us buy the new iPad 2018. More economical, it is a good option for students. However, if you have the previous generation, the change is not so marked as to disburse a minimum of 349, price of the most basic model with WiFi connectivity and 32 GB internal memory.

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