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Vance Joseph “disappointed” in Demaryius Thomas comments – ProFootballTalk

Getty Images Vance Joseph does not want to get into one he said / said to Demaryius Thomas. While taking…

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Vance Joseph does not want to get into one he said / said to Demaryius Thomas. While taking the high road, the Broncos coach acknowledged that he was “disappointed” with his previous recipient’s comments on Orange and Blue AM-760 earlier this week.

Thomas did more than just wave goodbye when leaving Denver after Sunday’s return journey.

The current Texan recipient, among other things, accused Joseph of misleading him of trade rumors and criticizing Joseph for not accepting the player’s input on speeches. Thomas also insinuated that the captain’s voice was rigid because he was not elected.

“No. 1, we have great respect for D.T.” Joseph said during his press conference Wednesday, via Mike Klis from Denver’s 9News. “Self, John [Elway][receivers coach] Zach [Azzanni] and all the guys that belonged to that article, you assume you can say, or conversation, have great respect for D.T.

” It’s first. Secondly, I think I’m disappointed to read these things about how he reminds of conversations. It was apparently one and a half weeks where rumors and gossip floats, and we talked about rumors and gossip. Before anything happened, we all had to focus on doing our jobs and winning football games. It was from my end that was discussed.

“I’m disappointed by how he remembers it, but again we are very respectful of DT. He was a good player here and we honored him on Sunday. We did not win the game, he won the game. I think it’s a bit frustration on his part, but I’m disappointed with how it came out because I do not remember being discussed in this way. And that’s okay.

“The last point: We have to move on. He must continue, and we must move on. He is no longer a Bronco, and I can not spend any time worrying about it. When it comes to reading the things, I am disappointed that it was presented in this way. I am really. “

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