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Valdagen Information for Coconino County | Local

With the 2018 general election arriving Tuesday, the Coconino County Recorder Office had received 30,425 of the 53 706 early…

With the 2018 general election arriving Tuesday, the Coconino County Recorder Office had received 30,425 of the 53 706 early polls sent to voters from Friday.

The 57 percent rate of return has already blown over August 28th. primary, which was 35.25 percent with 26,664 returned according to the office on September 5th. Coconino Country announced a record of 83,239 registrants, which exceeded the county’s previous record of 81,461 registered voters established at 201

6 General elections. Nearly 41 percent of the county councils registered themselves as Democrats with 25 percent Republican and 32 percent as independent.

With deadlines for early polls in the mail (October 26) and early voting personally (November 2) passed, voters may disclose early voting on their polling spot on the polling day. Only votes from Coconino County can be released, with votes from other counties that need to be returned to where they were issued.

As they did for the primary election, the county player’s office also opened three more seats that voters can use, either dropping early polls or voting in person. Located in Flagstaff Mall next to JCPenney, at NAU Walkup Skydome and at Tuba City High School, voters can avail of these venues wherever they live. Early voting can also be released at either Coconino County General Services or Coconino County Health and Community Services buildings. The surveys will be open from 6 am to 7 pm on the election day.

More information is available on the Coconino County Recorders website, and the location of your poll site is on the Arizona State Secretary’s website.

Daily Sun will post results on its website as breeds begin to take shape. Early results will be available at 8 o’clock


Three of the six candidates for the Flagstaff City Council will be chosen, with voters who choose between Austan Aslan, Paul Deasy, Dennis Lavin, Alex Martinez, Regina Salas and Austin Shimoni. Incumbents Celia Barotz, Scott Overton and Eva Putzova declined to run for re-election.

Incumbent Coral Evans officially runs in the vote for Flagstaff mayor. But George Rivello has run a restriction campaign.

In addition, there are 10 local propositions on the vote.


Arizona’s race replacing Jeff Flake in the US Senate puts Republican Martha McSally against Democrat Kirsten Sinema. Currently, the race is listed as a pitch of several election polls.

For the governor’s run, existing republican Doug Ducey runs for re-election against Democrat David Garcia. Democratic Commander Tom The Halleran runs against Republican Wendy Rogers in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District for a seat in the US House of Representatives.

In Arizona’s state-racial raids, Bob Thorpe and Walt Blackman run as Republicans against Democrats Felicia French and Bobby Tyler in the state’s 6th Legislative District. Two will serve seats in the Arizona House of Representatives, with the existing Republican Brenda Barton who can not be re-elected due to time constraints.

LD 6’s state senate race presents the existing Republican Sylvia Allen who runs for re-election against Democrat Wade Carlisle. [19659003] There will also be five government bills on the vote.

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