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U’revo, that’s the new “smart” jacket from Xiaomi

U'revo, that's the new "smart" jacket from Xiaomi

Xiaomi is a signature used to surprise , and in fact, although we all believe that the Chinese manufacturer is dedicated only to technology and smartphones, the truth is that They have a wide range of pens, towels, notebooks and an endless number of ‘My things’ not connected …

The backpacks were already among the catalog of a Xiaomi that today explores more in the textile industry mixing fashion, technology and sports to introduce ourselves to his first “smart” jacket . A must already from the wardrobe of lovers of running and other outdoor sports, and that can be combined with the new waterproof backpacks that also appeared today in China.

Is called Xiaomi U’revo and although it may seem a lie, she is not alone in the world, since a few months agoas the first smart jacket in the world, a cowboy design that it connected wirelessly to the smartphone to allow us to perform basic functions without taking it out of pocket.

The concept of Xiaomi is not so technological, however, and its jacket does not incorporate any electronics. Conversely, your intelligence is in the design and the materials used , that will allow you to dress it in practically any weather condition without worrying about anything else.

It is made to adapt ergonomically to our body, it is very light with only 106 grams and can bend to the point of fitting into virtually any pocket , which makes it a pledge of the most practical in sports outings.

In addition, it is manufactured in a composite material that prevents the passage of UVA rays at the same time that it works like a waterproof or windproof preventing the passage of water and air, so it is ideal for practicing exercise in any weather condition.

Will be available soon in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL, also in European stores , and although its price is not known for now, we do know that it will be competitive, as the Chinese firm has accustomed us.

U'revo, that's the new "smart" jacket from Xiaomi

U'revo, that's the new "smart" jacket from Xiaomi

U'revo, that's the new "smart" jacket from Xiaomi

U'revo, that's the new "smart" jacket from Xiaomi

And to complement, two new Xiaomi backpacks also waterproof

The Chinese manufacturer has also presented today, as the boys of, a waterproof bandolier and fanny pack . Two backpacks designed also for outdoor sports and that they will keep our gadgets Where are we?

Both They have reflective surfaces so that they can be used in low light conditions as an element of security, and if this were not enough they are designed to adapt perfectly to the space of a suitcase when it comes to traveling.

In your case we do know that will be around 15 euros and that they will be sold in gift packs jointly with other garments, looking for that market gap of casual gifts or on certain days. A new range of clothing and accessories that the Chinese manufacturer continues to expand for its home market and, now, for the rest of the world.

And is that adding a technological touch to our clothes will not have anything bad either … Welcome to our wardrobe, Xiaomi!