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UPS Store erases Christmas crushing tweet after massive backlash: & # 39; You know which list you are right? & # 39;

December 18, 2018 Business 0 Views The UPS store quickly removed the tweet. Baby, it's cold over at the UPS store today. The UPS store is criticized online after sending a cheeky christmas time telling parents that they can strip letters for Christmas. "If your child addresses a letter to the North Pole, you can leave it with us. We edit," the last removed tweet read. ONLINE RETAILER REMOVES "OBSESSIVE CHRISTMAS DISORDER" PAJAMAS FOLLOWING CRITICAL FOR "TRIVIALIZATION" OCD Snarky mail was met with immediate immediate backlash by customers calling out the national package delivery service for its lack of Christmas Eve. Some also said that they would use different services to deliver their packages this high season. UPS deleted tweet but has not yet offered an apology for its Christmas time gaffe &#821 1; but maybe the social media team should wait a visit from three Christmas boundaries sometime soon. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FOX LIFESTYLE NEWS Fox News has reached the UPS store for comment. Source link

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