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Uproar Over Dissident Rattles Saudi Arabian Family

Removing such a powerful crown prince could prove extremely disturbing, and few princes would like to work with a disgusting…

Removing such a powerful crown prince could prove extremely disturbing, and few princes would like to work with a disgusting Mohammed bin Salman as a schemar against his replacement. But a Western diplomat with long experience in the Kingdom suggested that the King could control the young prince by reducing his power, perhaps redistributing the control of the security service to other respected princes.

“The brand has been irreparably enchanted – they are really need to do something to test MBS,” said the diplomat, referring to the Crown Prince with his initials. “They have to do something to correct him.”

One of the few with the greatness of inviting the king to make such a change may be Prince Khalid, who flew to Ankara to see the Turks. A son of late king Faisal and now governor of Mekkaprovinsen, Prince Khalid, 78, is appreciated in the family as measured and intelligent. The fact that the king sent him on such a fragile mission indicates that he already has the confidence of the monarch. His half-brother, Prince Turki al-Faisal, was a long-lasting friend and guardian of Mr. Khashoggi for decades when he worked in Saudi establishment before he became critical of Crown Prince Mohammed.

Some enemies of the crown prince have hoped for a challenge for the throne of the king’s brother, Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz. Prince Ahmed, 73, is the youngest of seven sons of the late king Abdulaziz, who all shared the same mother, Hussa band Ahmed al-Sudairi. Sudairi seven, as they were known, formed a powerful group within the family and passed the throne from brother to brother – a pattern that could have been extended to Prince Ahmed if King Salman had not redirected the line to his own son. 19659002] So the critics of Prince Mohammed were electrified last month when Prince Ahmed picked up protesters on the street in London chanting against the King family over the war in Yemen.

“What’s this with Al Saud?” Prince Ahmed said in comments on the video. “Those responsible are the king and his crown prince.”

When asked about the war in Yemen, he responded: “I hope the situation will end, whether in Yemen or elsewhere, today before tomorrow.”

On the internet critics of the crown prince put loyalty to Prince Ahmed, but his trip as opposition leader did not last long. He soon issued a statement saying that his comment had been misinterpreted. He is left in London, afraid of returning home.

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