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Unusual patterns of signatures appear as North Carolina probes claims in the House race

North Carolina requires witnesses to sign absentee polls. Usually these witnesses are family members or friends.However, a set of 161…

North Carolina requires witnesses to sign absentee polls. Usually these witnesses are family members or friends.

However, a set of 161 absentee votes for the 9th Congress District, which CNN achieved on Monday showed that the same nine people signed at least 10 absenteeisms each.

Many of the nine people who signed polls seem to know each other, checking the public records and their social media accounts showed. Some are also co-workers of Leslie McCrae Dowless, a longtime North Carolina operative who worked for the campaign of Mark Harris, the Republican leading the race by 905 votes.

A CNN review found three witnesses signed more than 40 valor, another signed 30 and three other people signed more than 1

0. North Carolina law enforcement only indicates the voter or a close relative may submit an absentee vote.

Their signatures on multiple polls and connections to Dowless were first published by Judd Legum, author of the progressive newsletter Popular Information.

Jeffrey Smith, a former friend of Dowless, “who used to hire office space for him, said that Dowless has teams of people working with him.

” He allows workers to make people sign up on a sheet of paper to a absentee vote, “Smith said in a telephone interview with CNN.” Say you live in a section 8 residential area, they will collect these requests. He says you do not have to leave your house, you can only vote at home. “

Smith added Dowless then sends people to” harvest “the polls and he mails them to the election.

Dowless, 62, denies something wrong at The Charlotte Observer. He could not be reached on Monday by telephone or on Sunday at an address indicated to him in the voting record.

Dowless accused guilty of insurance fraud in the early 1990s after issuing a $ 163,000 policy on a dead man, court record show.

The rejection of the voting lottery is reviewed because the election of North Carolina officials investigates allegations of unlawful activities – ultimately leading to a new election.

Harris, a baptist minister, led the democratic precedent this navy and businessman Dan McCready with 905 votes after all the voting values ​​were counted.

But last week the two-party board approved elections and ethics administration in Harris to confirm Harris as winner after receiving explanations from voters claiming that people had come to their doors and to assist in filling in and replying absentee voting. Democrats sent a statement from someone who claimed that Dowless would receive a $ 40,000 bonus if Harris won the race.

Instead of confirming the election, the Board launched an investigation and demanded another hearing before or by 21 December.

The claims are directed at Bladen County, where the results for voices made by absentee voting were much more beneficial for Harris than other voters were in both the primary and general elections. By wiping out the Republican Republic Robert Pittenger in the first place, he won 437 absentee votes in Bladen County to Pittenger 17, but there was no claim to vote in that race.

This year Harris won 420 perverse voices in the Bladen County election to McCready’s 258.

On Twitter last week, Harris said he supports the survey. There is no indication that he has been involved in any abuse.

“Make no mistake, I support some efforts to investigate allegations of irregularities and / or fraud, as long as it is fair and focused on all political parties,” he said in a tweet. “There is absolutely no public evidence that there are enough votes in question to influence the outcome of this competition.”

Michael Bitzer, a political professor at Catawba College, also pointed out an unusually high percentage of suspended valors requested but did not return in the Blades and Robeson counties.

The pages returned about 40% of the requested absentee votes or 495 valor. In Robeson, 62% or 1,180 valors were not returned. Both percentages are much higher than the district yield rate, which was 24%.

“If the voices were manipulated without the registered voter’s knowledge and voices being changed or spoiled for denying a vote, it would raise serious concerns about the integrity of the 9th Congressional elections,” Bitzer wrote.

The North Korean republican party on Friday asked for the election of the presidential election, Democrat Andy Penry, to be removed. During the weekend, Penry resigned.

“The investigation should be free from attempts at distraction and obstruction so the truth can be revealed. I will not allow myself to be used as a distraction tool in this investigation,” said Penry in a statement.

On Monday, the North American Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin said the GOP would not “stand in the way of revealing the truth.”

“These statements are incredibly serious, and if true, they describe an estimated effort to illegally undermine our free elections and to swallow the election in favor of a particular candidate,” he said.

CNNs Madeleine Ayer contributed to this report.

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