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Unofficial Twitter clients could have their days numbered

Unofficial Twitter clients could have their days numbered

Today seems to be a gray day for all those Twitter users that, in their day, they opted to get rid of the original application of the social network, and Switch to one of the many third-party customers that exist on Google Play. Only a few hours ago, we informed you about the disappearance of Flamingo , one of the best and most popular Twitter clients for Android, and now we have even worse news, all unofficial Twitter clients could have their days numbered .

A) Yes they have confirmed it the developers themselves behind applications like Talon, Tweetboot, Tweetings or Twitterrific , and in June of this same year, Twitter will make a change in its APIs that will negatively affect the operation of third-party apps, eliminating some of its essential features such as push notifications or automatic update of the timeline.

Talon, Fenix, Flamingo and company, in danger because of Twitter

Unofficial Twitter clients could have their days numbered

Unofficial Twitter clients could have their days numbered

Apparently, the problem that has led developers to pronounce themselves on this matter, resides in the elimination of the service Streaming Services of Twitter, which will take place next June 19 . It will then be when third-party customers who use this service-that is, all of them-will lose the ability to send push notifications to the user, or update the Twitter timeline automatically, thus losing two of the essential functions of any client. of Twitter – social network that, by the way, today has suffered a fall in various parts of the planet -.

Once this service is removed, Twitter will replace it with an API called Account Activity, to which third-party developers do not have access . This will undoubtedly be a blow for all those developers of unofficial customers of the social network, as well as for users who prefer to use other applications external to the official one.

What can be done about it?

Due to the seriousness of the situation, developers of the third-party apps mentioned above, encourage users and followers, not only of their applications, but of any tool or client that uses Twitter APIs, to try to help by doing the following:

The folks behind Talon, Tweetbot, Tweetings, and Twitterrific have banded together to raise awareness of this situation, and it’s suggesting that users of these four things to try and protest the changes:

  • Suggest to the Twitter developers to correct this situation, through the account @TwitterDev .
  • Post tweets about the situation using the hashtag #BreakingMyTwitter .
  • Echo the problem publicly through your blog or podcast.
  • Share links to the Web in which all the details are specified.

For now, Twitter has not commented on the statements of this group of developers , although it is expected that news will be announced with the passage of the weeks. To this day, the only thing that is clear is that, if the leaders of the social network do not decide to change their minds, the unofficial Twitter clients could cease to exist as we know them today from June 19.

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