SALT LAKE CITY – Police are looking for a man they say shot and killed a University of Utah student outside a dormitory on campus, reported the Salt Lake Tribune.

The female student’s body was found at 21:00 in a car near the medical tower, says the University of Utah Police Lt. Brian Wahlin. The man they were looking for and the student had “an earlier relationship,” said Wahlin.

The man is 37 years old, about 6 feet, 3 inches long and weighs 250 pounds, the police said. a gray beanie, black pants, white shoes and a white hoodie. In one second, the University’s marketing and communications agency identified him as Melvin Rowland.

Dozens of campus police had the situation under control, Wahlin Tribune said. 19659008] “We have campus safe at this time,” he told reporters shortly after 11.00

At 11:40, the university said it lifted the lid on campus.

“It was really scary to look out the window and see. I saw 15 to 20 cops where we are standing right now,” says Tyler Olsen, a student living in a family house near the shooting site, to Deseret News. “I mean you is in your home, but nowhere feels safe at that moment. “

Last month, a former convict accused of killing a University of Utah student from China using a gun stolen after another slaying. Austin Boutain, 24 was convicted of imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

He and his wife were accused of hatching a carjacking plot that led to Chenwei Guo’s death in October 2017, whose parents live in Beijing and were devastated by the death of their only son at 23 year of age.

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