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Unboxing of the iPhone 8 Plus red (video)

431 Yesterday the iPhone 8 was put on sale in the new color , after being announced on Monday, just…


Yesterday the iPhone 8 was put on sale in the new color , after being announced on Monday, just 24 hours before. That is why we can already take a look at the first unboxing of the iPhone 8 red that show how it feels this new tonality to the last top of range marketed by Apple, with the exception of the iPhone X.

After the commercialization of the new iPhone 8 (PRODUCT) RED and iPhone 8 Plus in the same version, the terminal begins to reach the hands of the first YouTuber who are used to tell all the news related to the universe of Cupertino.

This year, continuing with the tradition that began in 2017 with the addition of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus red To the company’s mobile catalog, we can once again put the glove on a model in reddish tones that symbolizes the company’s collaboration with the World fund to fight against AIDS . The smartphone is once again one of the most beautiful and elegant we can buy within the website of the American firm.

Unboxing of the iPhone 8 Plus red

The YouTuber MKBHD you already have in your hands in the iPhone 8 Plus red , and it shows all the details of the smartphone in this video where, in addition, it compares the new phone of the brand with other mobile phones from Android manufacturers that also boast a similar color.

Like almost all unboxing that appear on the Net, the video of the iPhone 8 Plus red It shows the complete unpacking process of the phone in all aspects. Of course, we have the same box design, although with the typography highlighted in the same color as the iPhone 8 Plus (PRODUCT) RED. Inside we have the usual Lightning cable, headphones and instruction booklet that accompanies any new iPhone. On this occasion a text is added that talks about the range (PRODUCT) RED of Manzana .

Instead of the brushed aluminum that we found on last year’s red iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 Plus red This year adds this color to the shiny glass of its casing. This is the main difference between both models (PRODUCT) RED of the firm, as the iPhone 8 It supports wireless charging. Also this year the front of the device is black, something that the owners of the iPhone 7 red .

You can see how this new color looks in the next gallery of the iPhone 8 Plus red .

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