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Ugly details in the case of Colorado man who killed the family revealed in a new report

November 24, 2018 US 0 Views Cruel details in the case of a Colorado man who killed his pregnant wife…

Cruel details in the case of a Colorado man who killed his pregnant wife and two young children appeared this week with permission of an almost 2000-sided case file released by the Weld County District Attorney’s Office.

The file obtained by Denver Post was released only a few days after Chris Watts was convicted and sentenced to prison for his role in the murder.

Shanann Watts’s mother immediately suspected that her son-in-law participated in the disappearance of her daughter and granddaughters. Sandra Rzucek called law enforcement one day after the family was reported missing, told police that he acted bizarre and that she was suspicious.

“She stated that Christopher is acting,” Weird “and usual. She said Christopher says to people,” He has to go to work “and it just does not seem right. She felt he would pour oil on the bodies to dispose of them somewhere, “said a supplementary report from the Frederick Police Department, according to the post.

Watts, who ironed his wife and crushed her daughters aged 3 and 4, deposited their bodies in August in an oil field in Weld County.

Text messages in the documents released a crumbling marriage before Shanann’s disappearance.

“Chris told me tonight that he is afraid of the death of this third baby and he is happy with only Bella and Celeste and does not want another baby,” Shanann wrote a friend. “He said we are not compatible anymore. He refused to hug me after he said he would try to” work out. ” “”

A sex revealed party planned for its unborn son was also allegedly scrapped, with Shanann telling a friend that Chris said “he had a lot of time to think” about their relationship.

Shanann Watts was 1

5 weeks pregnant when her body was found on the property of an oil driller where her husband once worked. The daughters of their daughters were discovered in oil and gas tanks nearby.

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