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Ugh! Update on Windows October 10 has another file erase problem

October 22, 2018 Technology 1 Views Although it's not surprising that the update of Windows October 10, 2018 has some…

Although it’s not surprising that the update of Windows October 10, 2018 has some errors, it is alarming that the latest update has deleted users files. And when you thought it could not get worse, it seems as if your files are in danger again.

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Several Windows 10 users have reported that ZIP features do not allow them to choose whether or not to overwrite files. When you try to extract files to a specific folder, Windows 1

0 automatically removes all else in that folder with the same name instead of the current unannounced files.

“I’ve installed Windows and it still does, it’s only in the October update. Something nasty wrong because you can accidentally overwrite a file and not get it, a Reddit user writes.

This can be a critical loss of data for anyone who uses the Windows 10: in ZIP function. In addition to that, problems have been reported that the unzipping operation does not even work at all, so no files will be replaced at all.

However, you can easily circumvent these problem using a third-party application such as WinRAR.

We are unsure how far these issues have spread over Windows 10 users, but we hope Microsoft is training kinks in the current update.

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