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U.S. Hunter Kills Goat in Scotland, and Gets Butted on Social Media

Sarah Moyes, a spokeswoman for OneKind, an organization dedicated to ending cruelty to Scotland's animals, said in an email: "It's…

Sarah Moyes, a spokeswoman for OneKind, an organization dedicated to ending cruelty to Scotland’s animals, said in an email: “It’s utterly shocking to see These images of Larysa Switlyk and other hunters posing for photos with the wild animals they killed on a recent trip to Scotland. “

She added,” This is not the kind of tourism we should be encouraging in Scotland, let alone allowing to happen in the 21st century. “

Among those who recoiled at the images that Ms. Switlyk posted was Judy Murray, the mother of the Scottish tennis star Andy Murray. Writing on Twitter, she branded the hunt “disgraceful” : “” A unique hunt? “Disgraceful. It’s a goat. And it’s in Scotland. On a beautiful island. Stop this pls @scotgov . “

Michael Russell, a member of the Scottish Parliament, said on Wednesday that he would raise the issue” as a matter of urgency “with the environmental secretary, Roseanna Cunningham. “If this is actually happening on #Isla and laid on by some sort of tour company, I would like to see it stopped immediately,” he wrote on Twitter.

In response to the concerns, Ms. Cunningham vowed to look into clarifying or changing the law, writing on Twitter “We fully understand why so many people find these images of hunted animals being held up as trophies so upsetting.” She also noted that “responsible

Scotland’s Prime Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, also wrote on Twitter that the government would review the current state of affairs. situasjon og overveje om lovændringer er påkrævet. “

It seemed likely that Ms. Switlyk was well aware of the outrage unfolding because of her photographs. In posts on social media Wednesday afternoon, Ms. Switlyk wrote:

“I’m headed out on a bush plane for my next hunting adventure and will be out of service for 2 weeks. Nothing better than disconnecting from this social media driven world and connecting back with nature. Forhåpentligvis vil det gi nok tid til alle de uvitende folk der ute, som sender meg dødstrusler for å bli uddannet på jakt og bevaring. “

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