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Two Powerball Winners Share $ 688 million; A ticket came from a Bodega in Harlem

October 28, 2018 US 1 Views Harlem residents became stunned and encouraged on Sunday with the news that someone among…

Harlem residents became stunned and encouraged on Sunday with the news that someone among them might have wounded a millionaire.

One of two winning Powerball tickets was sold at a bodega in West Harlem. The unidentified winner shares the $ 688 million jackpot with a lucky counterpart who bought the second winning ticket in Iowa, said lottery officials. The winners matched all six numbers – 8, 12, 13, 19, 27 and Powerball 4 – to claim the fourth largest prize prize in US history.

“Who was it?” Asked Jose Espinosa behind the counter at his father’s bodega, West Harlem Deli, where one of the tickets was sold. “That’s the only question I have.”

Mr. Espinosa, 41, said he was most likely to be the one who printed the winning ticket because he spends most of his waking hours working against the counter on the deli that his father owned for more than 15 years.

and confused neighbors packed the deal on Fifth Avenue and 126th Street, where $ 2.49 gives you a breakfast special: two eggs and cheese on a roll, an 8 ounce of coffee and a monk. Regularly cycled in and out of the store after the church, take a bite or buy a lottery ticket. Some were suddenly lucky.

“I’m not playing, but I’m thinking about it twice right now,” said Jose Humphreys, 45, pastor, when he paid for a breakfast buffet. “I am happy for the person that person. I hope he has a fruitful life.”

He added: “And if he wants to donate to my church, that would be good too.”

Furqan Mandi , 30, stared at his $ 50 lottery, flew out over a glass freezer on deli, as he tried to decipher if he was the winner. Then he went to the counter to claim his prize: $ 4.

Mr.. Mandi, who plays the lottery on a regular basis, said he had chosen his numbers using a special technique that he would not reveal.

“My method did not work this time,” says Mandi, a security guard. [19659002] “I wish there was someone I know,” added Mandi. “But I do not mind it. There’s somebody out there. There’s at least no one from Kalamazoo. There are many poor people here.”

The winner in New York has a year to claim his prize, which can be paid in annual interest or as a one-off price. The cash payout for the Powerball Prize would amount to $ 396.4 million, with each winner bringing home $ 198.2 million in the split jackpot. It is the second in succession the jackpot won in New York and the biggest Powerball jackpot won this year, lottery officials said.

Remaining anonymity is excluded in New York, where state teams require the winner to be identified publicly. [19659002] “It is mandated that they come to a public event to gain control,” said Brad Maione, a spokesman for the New York State Gaming Commission. “It protects the lottery’s integrity and strengthens public confidence that people actually win.”

Lottery officials will reveal the winner about two to four weeks after he or she arrived, Maione said.

A handful of states allow lottery winners to remain anonymous, including South Carolina, where someone won $ 1.54 billion Mega Millions jackpot last week, second-largest lottery prize.

There were also two $ 1 million dollar winners in Nassau County.

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