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Twitter works with an editing button, but it will not be what you think

Tweet tweet. James Martin / CNET Twitter is a confusing site for many reasons, but perhaps the strangest thing is…

Tweet tweet.

James Martin / CNET

Twitter is a confusing site for many reasons, but perhaps the strangest thing is that since it was founded in 2006, it has not had any editing button.

It can change, and soon. Managing Director Jack Dorsey told an audience in India that the company is considering adding tweet editing, mainly to fonts.

“We’ve considered this for a while and we have to do [it] correctly. We can not just hurry it out.” We can not do anything that distracts or takes anything away from the public, “he said. a report in The Next Web on Monday. He added that Twitter will not let people edit willy nilly, for fear that people may abuse the feature to change controversial or condemnation statements after the fact.

Twitter refused to comment on a October tweet where the company said it’s hard to work tries to stimulate “healthy conversation.”

Twitter’s omission of an editing button has always been an odd choice, given its central location in a large part of the internet culture.

Many of its 326 million users have encountered a cumbersome solution: delete a tweet as they want to edit and send a new one. The cache works, it removes all the answers to the original tweet. And when it comes to public figures, such as President Donald Trump, deletion of an even incorrect tweet can violate the rules of the registry.

Twitter is not the only company that has struggled to get a seemingly basic feature for its users. Facebook waited for more than a decade to add a disgusting button to its social network, meaning almost 2.3 billion people use it every month. In Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he would not encourage negative business. In the end, Facebook offered a series of emoji to help convey feelings from happy, sad, surprised and angry.

For its part, Twitter has been “thinking” about long-term editing. In 2016, Dorsey tweeted an answer saying that the company has thought about it, possibly with a 5-minute window to correct mistakes.

He now says that he also reconsiders how prominent volumes count on the site for each user.

“It’s actually an incentive for you to increase that number. It may have been right 12 years ago, but I do not think it’s right today,” he said. “I think that’s more important is the number of meaningful conversations you have on the platform. How many times do you get an answer? “

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