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Turn your mobile into a portable WiFi router with VPN


After the scandals of Facebook and the continuous alert for the danger of connecting to this or another website that can keep our data, we carry in our pocket a tool that can be transformed into our digital insurance. Our mobile, with a simple app, can be a secure WiFi hotspot with VPN .

The privacy of our data is more in question than ever. Normally we connect with some lightness to any WiFi, but even if we use our mobile phone WiFi router, They can still track our data. The solution in the mobile and the PC is usually to activate a Free VPN , if possible, to guarantee anonymous browsing. But what if the mobile was already a WiFi router with integrated VPN? In this way, we could connect with another device to it thanks to the function “WIFI zone” which is offered on Android or iOS.

We talk about the famous tethering that we do not have to explain. To the question of how share your mobile’s wifi we have already answered many times and it is as simple as entering the terminal settings and configuring the network that we are going to create with a password.

How to turn a mobile into a secure WiFi hotspot with VPN

Now, where does the security part enter through a VPN? Well thanks to an app that just landed on Google Play – sorry for iPhone users, but it is not yet available to them -. Is about VPN Hotspot and its creators announced it recently in XDA Developers .

Turn your mobile into a portable WiFi router with VPN

Before installing it, we warn you that it is necessary that you have the Rooted mobile . As always, we invite you to go through our tutorials on how to root an Android to discover the method that best suits your mobile. Once this task is completed, now you can download and take advantage of the VPN Hotspot functions.

It’s as simple as sliding the button we see on the first screen and it will activate the VPN that has integrated. Now when navigating connected to any WiFi from the mobile we can go unnoticed and perform some tasks that are usually “caped” by the firewalls of companies. But also, if we activate the WiFi zone of our mobile phone, all the devices connected to it in this mode will also have their encrypted and secure traffic, being able to browse anonymously through the web without worrying about if someone is staying with our data.