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Turkey sees “positive” signals from the United States in northern Syria

Turkey leader said on Monday that he received "positive answers" from President Donald Trump about the situation in northeastern Syria, where Turkey threatened to initiate a new operation against US-supported Syrian Kurdish warriors. Turkey has promised to launch a new offensive against People's Protection Units or YPG, which is the most important part of a US Allied force that ran Islamic state militants from much of Syria. American troops are based in the area, partly to reduce tensions. Turkey sees YPG as a terrorist group because of its links with the Kurdish uprising in its territory. Ankara sees Washington's support as authorizing the Kurdish militia, seeking an autonomous region in northern Syria. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan did not develop his conversation with Trump. The two leaders spoke on the phone Friday. Erdogan said Turkey waited for the United States to keep its promises but could launch a new offensive "at any time". He said that the Turkish army has completed preparation and planning. The two countries reached last summer agreement over the city of Manbij, where the Kurdish military would leave, and Turkish and American troops jointly patroll the area. Turkey says that the US has stalled to implement the agreement. "I urge those who sponsor terrorists in the region openly: You're wrong, give it up," said Erdogan. "Those who aspired for years in Manbij and who have now made some promises east of the Euphrates must deliver on these promises," he said. The Syrian government, like Turkey, opposes Kurdish…

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