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Turkey is talking – How do you fix a turkey? | State

[embedded content] FORT EDWARD – Six year old Harper Michael is not a fan of turkey. When asked if she…

FORT EDWARD – Six year old Harper Michael is not a fan of turkey.

When asked if she thought of the Thanksgiving bird, she shook her head and stabbed her tongue.

“It looks brutal and it tastes brutal,” said Harper, a first degree in the Fort Edward Union Free School District.

Channing Drew, 7, also does not care about the festive gobble.

“I do not like it,” he claimed. “I’ve never tried it before. I do not know if I want or not.”

Although turkey did not exceed the children‘s list of favorite foods for Thanksgiving Day, most of the first Edward degrees definitely looked forward to gobble some mashed potatoes

Charley Belden, 6, likes her mashed potato sauce on top, while Aaliyah Judge, 6, likes her mashed potatoes with a side of tomato soup.

“I love potato sauce so much,” said Logan Aul, 6-year-old, who said he likes to eat the whole bowl of mashed potato on Thanksgiving.

But he prefers them without butter or gravy or sour cream

“I hate sour cream, hacked boy.

Like most of his classmates, Logan does not care about turkey, but he likes to see the turkey’s face after his father is shooting it with a rifle from the back yard.

“Turks, you have to shoot them with a shotgun to catch them,” says Logan Kegan, who said he is 6 and three.

He has [1

9659002] “You pick all the springs of it and put it in the oven,” said Logan, who has his turkey with mashed potatoes, fries and fries. Pizza.

Orion Havens, 6, who likes turkey and mashed potatos, spent his Last Thanksgiving Visit Plymouth Rock, where he lived in a hotel for one night.

“I do not know really much,” said Orion, “but I know my ancestor was the leader of people who went on Mayflower.” [19659002] When she used to have her favorite pair of pink fluffy ears yummy, Violet Seymour, 6, she said she does not eat turkey “because it tastes weird. “

But She Looked For Thanksgiving For Another Reason.

” Sometimes when it’s turkey day, the elves came back to your house, “said the little blonde.” My elf is Forrest, and so old he is. He is 2, I mean 6. And his last name is You. But I just call him Forrest. “

She likes to fill and drink chocolate milk and hot chocolate with marshmallows.

” It’s time to go, I’m sorry, “she said,” because I love my whole family and they are super nice and they love me and i love them “

” Lily Woolley, 6, who likes turkey and last year ate it in the form of soup at a restaurant, said she likes to see her family live far away on Thanksgiving.

“Some of my family lives in North Carolina, “she said,” and they will come over and I’ll see them. “

Little Emily Gardner also enjoys Thanksgiving with her friends and family. She also likes when her grandfather and dada go and chase and kill turkey, but she must not go yet.

“No,” she said. “I’m too small.”

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