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Try out Dubai’s First Ever FloatFit Class

Aquaphysical has launched a new floating yoga mat, which enables fitness fanatics to workout on water, causing the muscles to…

Aquaphysical has launched a new floating yoga mat, which enables fitness fanatics to workout on water, causing the muscles to work harder by balancing on a float, maximising the core workout. The coordination and balance required during the high intense, cardiovascular, fitness workout increases mental wellbeing as well as muscular strength.

We went along to Dubai’s first ever FloatFit class at The Westin lap pool, and as the sun came up over the Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort, the exercise began with getting used to balancing on the AquaBase before a burst of ‘rockers’ the board (akin to running on the spot) from side-to-side, creating waves, which engages the core muscles in the legs and abs. The benefits of the movement created by the water require both physical and mental concentration to work together. The muscles work overtime to keep your balance and also work muscle fibres, which are frequently unused in other workouts, adding strength to the joints.

Between rocking the float the instructor, who leads the class from the edge of the pool, shouts for a quick burst of burpees. For those of us in the water, the challenge now is as much about staying on the board as it is doing the actual exercises. The concentration required is intense as you’re not only worried about going in the pool, but also the person next to you falling in, which causes a ripple of waves knocking everyone off balance. After surviving the round of burpees, we’re required to do squats with a jump. By now the floating mat is so slippery the concentration levels required just to stay upright are as high as those needed for the routine. After twenty minutes of non-stop exercise and concentration, a set of mountain climbers are the last thing I want to hear from the instructor, but at least the threat of falling in the water is reduced.

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The FloatFit class lasts for 30 minutes and includes a challenge of half the participants trying to knock the others into the water by creating waves using their AquaBase. The actual exercises are a mix of high intensity training and yoga, suitable for all abilities – it helps if you can swim too. What’s more the impact on the joints is low and works the full body. Another benefit of being on the water is there’s no need to worry about competing for floor space in the gym, no one is going to come along and steal your spot in the pool, that’s for sure.Aquaphysical, a new concept to the UAE, has been rolled out in a whopping 54 countries around the world and is making waves in Dubai by making use of the plethora of hotel pools.

Having completed the workout it’s easy to see why it’s taking off, while it’s an absolutely exhausting experience, which leaves your heart racing long after leaving the pool by the way, it’s a fun twist on the usual HIIT work out which can quickly get boring. The other benefit of course is when the workout is over you can relax at, well, the pool.

WHAT: FloatFit Classes
WHERE: The Westin Hotel lap pool
WHEN: Sundays, Tuesdays and Saturdays. 8am.
CONTACT: or 04-3181420

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