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Trumps new ad-linking killings to Democrats called “much worse” than the infamous Willie Horton ad

November 1, 2018 US 1 Views A still image from the ad shared by President Trump on Wednesday. (Screenshot via…

A still image from the ad shared by President Trump on Wednesday. (Screenshot via Twitter)

Pinned on top of President Trump’s Twitter feed Wednesday was a video . The man on the screen is bald with a mustache and pointed hawthorn. Smiling, he announces, “I [expletive] killed the police.”

The man is Luis Bracamontes, a double deported Mexican immigrant who was killed in April to kill two California law enforcement officers in 2014. At that time, Bracamontes was illegal in the United States – and now, with the half-time threatening, he is the star of the GOP Latest Campaign Ads.

“Illegal immigrants, Luis Bracamontes, killed our people!” reads the text of 53 -The second video, which is filled with audible explorations. “Democrats let him get into our country … Democrats let him stay.”

The text is being broadcast on Bracamontes videos that seem to show no regrets for their crimes and even declare “I’ll kill more police officers soon”.

More images follow: Strings of unidentified people riot in unidentified streets and push down the fence in undiscovered places. A Fox News correspondent interviewed a man who was only identified as “expelled immigrant in caravan”, asking for forgiveness for attempted murder.

“Who would other Democrats let in?” Ask the video. A picture of Bracamontes smile returns before it is replaced by text, “President Donald Trump and Republicans make America safe again.”

The video, promoted by the President on Wednesday afternoon to its 55,500,000 Twitter followers, came with a call from Trump to “Vote Republican Now!” From early Thursday morning, the video had been shown more than 1.8 million times and suffered widespread condemnation. [19659000] Note: The following video published by Trump contains graphic language. ]

Trump and Republicans were criticized for ” fearmongering ” and the ad has been taken as ” racist “, many resembling the infamous Willie Horton ads that support George HW Bush in the 1988 presidential election. Only the video shared by Trump, says critics, is much worse .” [19659011] As you remember, the Bush campaign distanced itself from the Willie Horton TV Advertisement

this comes directly from the President of the United States

from Dog Flute to Guttural Screams

– John Harwood (@JohnJHarwood) October 31, 2018

About 30 years ago, William Horton, a relatively unknown African American crime in Massachusetts, “Willie Horton” became the focal point for attacking Bush’s campaign against Michael Dukakis, the Democrat Ratian President’s nominee and governor in Massachusetts.

Horton, a sentenced killer who earns a life sentence, was temporarily released from prison in June 1986 as part of the Massachusetts weekend program, which Dukakis supported. Horton fled while in furlough and in April 1987 he raped a white woman and bumped his white fiance.

The television ad “Revolving Door” who accused Dukakis of being soft at crime showed that judges came in and out of prison through a swing door made by prison bars, and were supposed to refer to Horton, reported Rolling Stone. The ad was largely masterminded by Roger Ailes, who founded Fox News 1996.

“The only question is whether we show Willie Horton with a knife in his hand – or without it,” Ailes once told a reporter according to Rolling Stone .

Another ad called Weekend Passes, run by the National Political Action Committee, took things one step further and included Horton’s mug shot. That ad was created by Larry McCarthy, who had worked under Ailes for six years in the 1980s, reported New Yorker.

“This was a classic example of raging cuing,” Claire Jean Kim, a political science professor at the University of California, Irvine, said in a 2012 PBS special. “The insinuation is, if you choose Governor Dukakis as president, we will have black rapists driving the country in the country. It plays for white fears of black crime.”

If it was just an attempt to criticize Dukaki’s crime policy or about it was an appeal to racial terror, the “Willie Horton” ads served. “Willie Horton was devastating to Mr. Dukakis,” wrote the New York Times in 1990.

Kim, who described the ad’s strategy as “incredibly effective” and “masterly”, said even decades later, still poses “the bar of furious cuing. “

” Candidates talk about not wanting to be Willie Hortonized, “she said.

On Wednesday, critics hit Trump and Republicans to promote what is described as a “Willie Horton Reducer” by both CNN’s Chris Cuomo and the New Republic, a left-handed journal.

“This may be the most desperate and dirty ad since Willie Horton,” tweeted former work secretary Robert Reich.

A Twitter user wrote that did the Bracamontes video “Willie Horton The ad is sensitive. “

The ad was also criticized by late Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.).

“This is just a new low campaign” Flake said according to a tweet from CNN’s Jake Tapper. “It’s sick.”

Jamie Weinstein, hosted a podcast on Conservative National Review Online, tweeted that “This is undoubtedly a racist ad” 19659033] A number of people drove back to characterizing the ad as “racist”.

“Not racist but definitely nationalistic and in the correct word of the word” wrote a Twitter user in response to Weinstein, “not hyped up new definition that coincides with ethno-nationalism.”

Another person tweeted “The ad is 100% truthful.”

The video was discussed a long time by Cuomo and Don Lemon on Wednesday.

Having pointed out that “much of the movie” in the ad “comes from Fox”, a network often promised by Trump and once helped by Ailes, the advertiser Willie Horton, Cuomo called both the ads “grossly distorted, bigoted, but also effective “.

“At a time when the president says he demands unity, all he

Trump, Cuomo said, tries to send the message that” Democrats are responsible for the terrible act “committed by Bracamontes.

Tom Perez, President of The Democratic National Committee struck back on Trump during an appearance of “Cuomo Prime Time” on Wednesday.

“This is distracting, splitting Donald in his worst,” said Perez, who later noted that immigration is Trumps “fan of all the dog whistling. “” This is fear. “

White just five days to the middle of the election, Trump has returned to immigration with renewed gusto. His anti-immigration retention was critical to his success during the 2016 presidential election and” he counts similar inflammatory words and images to help the GOP to keep his congressional members, “Washington Post said Seung Min Kim. Just this week, Trump publicly promised to terminate birth rights citizenship and said he would distribute as many as 15,000 active troops to the border.

Conservative commentary Scott Jennings told Cuomo that he was not surprised at the ad.

“I see nothing in this video that I have not heard from the president consistently in recent years,” says Jennings. But, he added, “It’s not the message I should finish the campaign on.”

Lemon echoed his fellow anchor when he contests the ad.

“It’s a nude appeal to fear and hatred, and it’s racist, Sade Lemon.

Douglas Brinkley, a history professor at Rice University, picked up Willie Horton on Lemon’s show and noted that while The 1988 ad was effective in the sense that Bush secured a victory, did it little to help the former president’s personal image.

“The Willie Horton ad gave George Herbert Walker Bush its big black eye in history,” said Brinkley

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