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Trump: Third Americans see the media as “the enemy of the people”

Pittsburgh shooting: Who were the victims? [19659011] The White House has rejected a sign of the attack at the Tree…

Pittsburgh shooting: Who were the victims? [19659011] The White House has rejected a sign of the attack at the Tree of Life Temple in Pittsburgh and the alleged gunman was not a Trump supporter.

A man arrested last week in connection with a post bombing campaign aimed at critics of Mr Trump had pictures of the president who covered his vans window.

What did Trump say?

The address of supporters in Estero told Trump for them that the media “do not want you to hear your story”.

“We have vigorously condemned hatred, bigotry, racism and prejudices in all its ugly forms,” ​​he said.

“But the media do not want you to hear your story, it’s not my story, it’s your story.

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” And that’s why thirty five percent of the people in this country think the false news is actually and i hate to say this, in fact, the enemy of the people. “

He did not give a source of this figure, but a survey from earlier this year showed that almost a third of people agreed with the idea that the media is human’s enemy.

Media playback is not supported on your device [19659002] Mediaskrift Fox v MSNBC: How the news shares America

Mr Trump has regularly accused some parts of the media to distort his administration.

In July, the publisher of the New York Times urged that journalists stop “the enemies of the people “19659011] What happened in Pittsburgh?

An armor entered the Temple of Life during a service and killed eight men and three women in what is considered to be the worst anti-Semitic The attack in the latest US history.

The suspect, who also wounded four police officers and was shot by them several times, has the name Robert Bowers and faces 44 charges.

Picture u pfovsrätt


There were protests during President Trump’s visit to Pittsburgh

He had previously written anti-Semitic content on the social network Gab and had also attacked Mr Trump, whom he called “a globalist, not a nationalist.”

What’s up at the mid-term? 19659014] Voters choose new members of Congress, but how they vote will affect how the rest of Mr Trump’s presidency turns out.

Both Congress Houses are currently governed by Trump’s Republican Party.

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Democrats believe they can gain control over the House of Representatives this year by winning a majority of seats.

If you do, they would allow them to block or delay the president’s plans by refusing to accept them.

Some opinion polls put democrats forward in many places.

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