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Trump stands in opposition to the top genre of cross-border numbers, tent cities

MORE KOREANS "WAR GAMES" CAN BE COLLECTED: Following the cancellation of Ulchi Freedom Guardian and the forthcoming Valiant Ace, Mattis…

MORE KOREANS “WAR GAMES” CAN BE COLLECTED: Following the cancellation of Ulchi Freedom Guardian and the forthcoming Valiant Ace, Mattis and the Korean Defense Minister Jeong Kyeong-doo said they will decide December on to cancel next year’s major joint military exercises on the peninsula in connection with negotiations with the north of its nuclear weapons. Analysts say that prolonged cancellation of major US and Korean exercises can ultimately eradicate the two countries’ preparedness for war, and avoiding it will mean focusing on smaller exercises.

Mattis denied that the cancellations have had much effect so far, but also indicate that the Pentagon has solutions. “We are not at the moment concerned about the loss of combat ability. Clearly, as we move forward, we have to make adjustments that we will not lose that ability,” said Mattis. “This is not a total suspension of all collaborative and military exercises . Certainly, they were stormy in place, temporarily suspended to give the diplomats the best possible effort because we made a credible effort on the military side. “

” First of all, I would like to point out that these combined exercises take place all year long, and only some of these exercises have been temporarily suspended, “says Jeong, via a translator. “We continue to search for ways we can continue to maintain our current level of combined defense, as well as our military preparedness and for our future extra large-scale large-scale exercises.”

TEMPERATURE SOLUTION: [ Mattis also indicated Trump’s engagement policy with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un pays, at least in the short term. “It is clear that the threat from North Korea, at least as expressed by President Kim, has decreased significantly,” Mattis said. However, he also pointed out that the North’s arsenal of nuclear weapons, including intercontinental ballistic missiles that could hit the United States, is still anxiety. [1

9659002] “The power is still and that’s why the minister and I talked about every detail about our cooperation,” Mattis says. “Our goal here is to make sure our diplomats speak out of strength and we continue to protect the people of the Republic of Korea from any threat from the Nordic countries.”

TELLING TALIBAN: A more aggressive approach to fighting the Taliban is being conducted to respond to massive accidents among Afghan security forces, according to Gen. Scott Miller Commander of NATO-led resolute support missions and US forces-Afghanistan.

“We are more in an offensive mindset and are not waiting for the Taliban to come and meet [us],” Miller said in an interview with NBC News in Kabul. “So it was an adjustment that we made early. We needed it because of the number of accidents that were absorbed.”

Mattis revealed Monday night that Afghan security forces were hit by 1,000 accidents in August and September, a number usually held at the request of the Afghan government. [19659002] Miller told NBC that he is a realist on the question of possible reconciliation with the Taliban. “I do not want to be Pollyannaish about this,” he said. “I see ways, some are risky. So, instead of optimistic, I say pragmatically.”

How do advisors do? HARD TO SAY: While US commanders and top Pentagon officials continue to portray the Afghanistan strategy that makes slow but steady progress in its goal of forcing Taliban to reconcile, the Special Inspector General of Afghanistan has issued another investigation report. John Sopko has been a constant tower in the side of the Pentagon, which consistently issues audits debunking the message from the military.

The latest report notes that the Pentagon, Congress and US taxpayers lack the information needed to assess the impact of the advisory effort on building up the Department of Defense’s (MOD) and Interior Ministry (MOI) or the effectiveness of its $ 421 million consulting .

“Although the counseling effort of MOD and MOI is one of DOD’s primary missions in Afghanistan, SIGAR fo and DOD have not fully evaluated these efforts and do not know if the advisors assigned to MOD and MOI meet goals and milestones because They have not evaluated, monitored, or evaluated counseling efforts in their own guidance. “

The independent investigation also found US military personnel and defense contractors often deployed without adequate training on how to provide Afghans despite the high costs and importance of these operations. In an anonymous survey conducted by SIGAR, nine out of 20 deployed US military personnel serving as advisory roles did not receive any advisory training before they were conducted. According to the interviewed officials, the uniformed advisors tend to have the least education.

INHOFE AT RINGA FLEET HEARING: When the Senate returns after the middle elections, Sen. Jim Inhofe said he would call a defense request for Trump’s commitment to grow the Navy to 355 ships after being pushed by Conservative Radio Pundit Hugh Hewitt . Presidential promise of several occasions to greatly increase the fleet has “fallen behind a bit” because senators have been busy filling the emergency shelves caused by former President Barack Obama Inhofe, who is the chairman of the committee, told Hewitt under radiointervjuen.

“I do not criticize Obama for this because he is a heartless liberal who really knows you where their priorities are and it’s not for defending America,” told Inhofe Hewitt. “But what we inherited from him, we were in our army brigade units, for example, we were down to only 33 percent of those who could be used.”

The hearing will be scheduled in consultation with Sen. Roger Wicker . Inhofe, who rose to the chairman of the armed service after John McCain’s death also revealed that Wicker will continue as the presidency subcommittee in the New Congress session. Wicker helped formalize the navy’s plan to reach 355 vessels in the coming decades.

THANK YOU, OBAMA: It’s no secret. The president is not a fan of Obama, which is one of his favorite criticisms. During the Hewitt interview, Inhofe also blamed the former president for immigrants and deploying more than 7000 active and national security forces at the Mexican border.

“These people who are asylum seekers, they come here on the invitation from Obama. He invited people from Guatemala and Honduras and Nicaragua and all the places that would come up, and obviously if I was down there and the US president said : “The doors are open, come here and seek asylum, and you’ll be

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