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Trump slams media like “true Enemy of the People” days after CNN directed

Trump has repeatedly referred to common media as "the enemy of the people", claiming that the press is biased against…

Trump has repeatedly referred to common media as “the enemy of the people”, claiming that the press is biased against him and his followers and supports left-wing politics. The president often addresses CNN by name.

With the mid-term election one week away, the president also said he has no plans to tone down his ever-ending political rhetoric. “I really could tone it up,” he told reporters on Friday afternoon before leaving White House for a campaign match in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Ask if he planned to call Clinton or Obama after they were targeting explosives, Trump said, “I think we’ll probably pass.”

The president also said in a Friday that “bomb stuff” slowed republican momentum in early voting for the midterm.

The first post bomb discovered was targeted at billionaire donor George Soros, a pariah among many on the right to accuse him of funding rebellious left-wing political groups. The bomb was found in the letter to Soros Bedford, New York, home last Monday.

When Trump raised the Young Black Leadership Summit in the White House four days later, he seemed to react positively to screaming from the crowd “Soros” and “unlock him”. This phrase is often heard at Trumps collections referring to Hillary Clinton, who ran against Trump in the presidential election in 2016.

In another shot last week, the alleged shooter Gregory Bush, 51, arrived in Louisville , Kentucky, a supermarket and killed two black customers. Witnesses told NBC News that Bush, while shooting, told a white representative in the parking lot that “white does not kill white”.

Correction: This story was revised to erase incorrect information about the origin of immigrants in the caravan and to correct that Trumps address to the Young Black Leadership Summit was four days after Soros postbomb was found.

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