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Trump rolls out new commitments to increase GOP valodds

WASHINGTON President Trump, keen to increase the GOP election period, gives voters a new round of tax cuts, lower drug…

WASHINGTON President Trump, keen to increase the GOP election period, gives voters a new round of tax cuts, lower drug prices and harder border policy when he revokes his closing message to try to protect the majority of the Republican Congress. [19659002] Mr. Trump has argued that the treatment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is the reason for defeating Democrats in the middle of the races. But as White House officials say they have seen data showing interest decline in the Kavanaugh struggle, which revolves around a decades old assertion of sexual abuse, which he denied, the president uses his megaphone to give a new incentive to vote on November 6th.

Former presidents wanting to eliminate the middle of the election losses have long been capitalized on the inadequate tools. Democratic president John Kennedy in 1

962 made a point to stumble in southern states who were interested in the jobs and federal dollars associated with the monthly loan program he had revealed the year before, “said Douglas Brinkley, professor of history at Rice University.

In But Trump’s case, some of the plans he has float have lacked detail or considered formidable obstacles.

The White House is still planning to make it more difficult for migrants to apply for asylum. Another proposal to give what Mr Trump last week called “a very big tax cut for middle-income people” seems to have surprised both his staff and Capitol Hill. In an interview, Mr Trump referred questions about the plan to a top financial assistant, who in turn pointed reporters to Congress.

Neither the administration nor the congress officials could describe in detail the important elements of how a new tax reduction would work, what impact would it have on the deficit and what schedule for congressional efforts in depth and into a lama-duck session in November

On Thursday, Trump said he would try to reduce the prices Medicare pays for some prescription drugs, which addresses a democratic argument he has not done enough to cure drug costs. But the move is expected to trigger resistance from the powerful pharmaceutical industry.

His proposal would essentially be a pilot program that tested a plan to lower costs over five years by basing them on prices in other countries. An entire program has not even been considered since 2019 or 2020 and it would only cover certain drugs in Medicare in a part of the country.

Mr. Trumps opponents say that the president’s proposal seems to be about switching on voters and fear. They cited reports this week that he is considering a plan to block ports for access to immigrants, including asylum seekers, at the border with Mexico.

“One of the benefits of incumbency that can be abused and exploited is the power to take drastic enforcement measures like ending asylum on the border and use it to push your final message,” said Jake Sullivan, a former senior campaign assistant until 2016 Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. “My hope is that fair people will see this for what it is: electioneering masquerading as politics.”

Bill McInturff, a Republican accustomed expert conducting investigations for the Wall Street Journal, said that Mr. Trump identifies the kinds of problems that kick up the GOP election and may appeal to swings.

Stopping illegal immigration has been a GOP rally for a decade and the cost of prescription drugs is important for women over 50 years and women with less than college graduates, he said.

“You try to pull out the gentle republican republic and the right to central voters to say” Oh, something is at stake, “he said.

White House officials said there was no formal strategy to expand the president’s message before the campaign. “Still mobs, jobs and caravans,” said a white house manager. The first is a reference to the rowdy protesters who appeared under fair Kavanaugh’s confirmation ring, and the latter nodded to a caravan of mostly American immigrants making their way north through Mexico.

“Presidential policy creates recordlessness, higher wages and safer societies,” said Bill Stepien, president’s political member. “After joining the office, he has pursued an aggressive political agenda on behalf of the American people and he does not slow down. The results are obvious: Good policies are good policies. “

But the president has expressed frustration that his latest proposals have been extorted by the news letter of the letter bombs sent to prominent democrats.

Speaking at the White House on Friday, he said that his drug plan” did not get the kind of coverage like that should have. “With the arrest of Cesar Sayoc in Florida, the president hoped that news coverage would” disappear quickly. “

Inside the White House, some advisers have discussed the possibility for Democrats to win both House and Senate, a development that would stumble Mr Trumps Polling experts from both sides give the Democrats a good chance of winning the house, but these people say the Senate Card favors Republicans. Mr Trump has advised that he expects his party to pick up four senate seats in Indiana, Florida, Missouri and North Dakota .

Mr. Trump’s supporters say that the political proposals he put out to his earliest date g is a candidate. From the moment Mr Trump traveled down the escalator at Trump Tower 2015 and entered the competition, he made clear that tax cuts and border protection were top priorities, they said.

Bryan Lanza, a former Trump campaign assistant, said in an interview: “This is an extension of a continuous conversation he had with the American people since announcing his candidacy.”

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