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Trump ratchets up support for “great governor” Kemp forward

President Donald Trump sent a series of tweets on Saturday that reinforces his approval for Brian Kemp, increasing the possibility…

President Donald Trump sent a series of tweets on Saturday that reinforces his approval for Brian Kemp, increasing the possibility that he will soon visit Georgia to increase the Republican bid on the governor.

The president wrote on Twitter that Kemp will be a “great governor” and that he has “prepared for this very difficult and complex work for many years.” Without mentioning his name, he accused Democrat Stacey Abrams as “completely unqualified”.

Trumps late approval of Kemp helped him to a runny sewer in July over Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, who was already on the way from the release of secretly recorded bands, but this is the president’s most visible intervention in the race since then.

Kemp’s victory for victory is based on the same formula that Trump used to bear Georgia by five percentage points in 201

6. The president could cope with the loss of the subway in the suburbs of Atlanta by driving up huge margins in large parts of Georgia.

It is the same coalition that Kemp tries to smuggle in a state dominated by GOP in the last two decades.

He has extensively shot the subway in Atlanta densely populated areas for the conservative mount of Georgia, where he attracts huge crowds and is more likely to get more local media attention. His 20-stop bus ride next week takes him to these areas, bypassing major cities in favor of small towns.

However, Abrams hopes what kind of results Georgians usually see in the presidential election. She hopes to train Kemp in urban areas and new competitive suburbs by appealing to voters who usually skip half-time elections with a blend of progressive policies and mainstream promises.

Trumps pre-midterm campaign campaign blitz has not yet ventured to Georgia, but he is likely to focus on the deep red southern part of the state if he visits. That is where Kemp is especially dependent on a big dividend.

If he visits, Trump will inject a new game card in the selection. Kemp has modeled its primary campaign after Trump, even promising a “Georgia First” strategy. But he hit the middle of the voter since he won the GOP nomination, more likely to get up Gov. Nathan Deal than Trump.

As for Abrams, she was a vowel opponent of Trump who launched a “Georgia Resists” website when she was the state’s top house democrat. But since she entered the governor’s race, she has been careful to make this vote a referendum on the president.

Abrams immediately grabbed Trumps tweets to raise campaign cash with their base.

“If success suppresses authorized voters, our social security numbers leak and pointing a shotgun on a child on television, I will send,” her campaign published on social media.

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