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Trump Press Conference: Live Stream as President Trump holds a press conference after the middle of the election results

President Trump opened his first press conference after the mid-term election – the longest press conference in his presidency –…

President Trump opened his first press conference after the mid-term election – the longest press conference in his presidency – talking about bipartisanism, but he quickly became fierce, sparring with reporters.

Mr. Trump had praise for Nancy Pelosi, who once again could be a speaker in the Chamber and said they could work together. But he also blasted members of his own party and journalists.

  • Mr. Trump told an African-American reporter that she asked a “racist question” when she asked why he described himself as a “nationalist”.
  • He told CNN’s Jim Acosta that he would “be ashamed” himself and said that CNN is an “enemy of the people” when reporting “false news”.

The Republicans lost control of the House of Representatives in Tuesday’s elections and Mr. Trump began framing the results as a “success” and emphasizing his role of helping the GOP to retain control over and even place in the Senate.

“We saw the candidates as I supported achieving a huge success last night,” praised Trump. “We picked up a lot,” he said. The president also spoke of republican candidates as Reps. Barbara Comstock in Virginia and Pete Roskam in Illinois, who wondered Trump “embracing” and suggested that this could have been a contributing factor to their losses.

“On the other hand, you had some who decided that we would stay away, let’s stay away,” said Trump. “They did very badly, I’m not sure I should be happy or sad, but I’m just fine about it.” Carlos Curbelo, Mike Coffman “Sin, Mike, Mia Love.” I saw Mia Love, she called me all the time to help her with a hostage situation, held hostage in Venezuela, but Mia Love gave me no love and she lost. Okay. Sorry, Mia.

“And Barbara Comstock was another I mean I think she could have won that competition, but she did not want any thought. Because I did not blame her, but she, she lost, lost significantly. Peter Roskam wanted do not embrace, Erik Paulsen would not mind and in New Jersey, I think he could have done well but did not work too well. Bob Hugin, I feel bad because I think it’s something that could have been won a race that could have been won. John Faso. Some of the people you know decided for your own reason not to mind if I or what we stand for, but what we stand for meant a lot to most. “[1

9659002] He also said that “I retired” Jeff Flake, Senate Republican from Arizona who has criticized him.

His tone was friendlier to Pelosi, whose comments on bipartisanship he said, he estimated. Mr. Trump also said he thought it was possible that shared government could be productive and produce stronger legislation.

“It really can be a beautiful” two-party relationship, Mr. Trump Mused. Although he expressed optimism about working with the new democratic majority in the House, it is likely that shared government is likely to make it harder for Mr. Trump to move his agenda through Congress if he does not want to compromise. But he called Pelosi to congratulate his Tuesday night when it was clear that the house had twisted and he also had a reconciliation tweet for her Worsday morning.

“In all fairness, Nancy Pelosi deserves to be appointed Speaker of the House of Democrats. If they give her a hard time, maybe we add some Republican voices. She has earned this great honor!”

CBS News Major Garrett asked if the president was prepared to shut the government about the funding of the southern boundary that he was investing in building.

“I’m talking to the Democrats all the time. They agree that a wall is necessary,” said Trump.

He was out of court if he would shut the government over money to the wall. The funding for the Homeland Security Department, which will monitor the wall building, expires on December 8th.

Garrett also asked about the possibility of changes in his cabinet after midterm. “We are looking at different people for different positions”, adding that he is mostly “extremely happy” with his cupboard.

Mr Trump became so angry with CNN reporter Jim Acosta when he would continue to ask the president about the caravans who did his Way north through Mexico and Mr. Trump would quit the question.

“CNN is ashamed of yourself because you work for them. You’re ashamed of yourself,” he urged Acosta. “How to treat Sarah Huckabee is terrible.”

He also said, “When you report false news, as CNN does a lot, you are an enemy of the people “. The president told another reporter to “sit down” after he had called another reporter.

The President was asked about the Special Council’s investigation in Russia. He said, “I could have stopped it anytime I wanted. I did not, he said.” And he continued saying “I think it’s very bad for my country, I’ll tell you. I think it’s a shame. “

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