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Trump position policy in final mid-term announcement

By Catherine Lucey | AP October 27 at 12:36 WASHINGTON – He spoke tax cuts last weekend, opioid dependent on…

WASHINGTON – He spoke tax cuts last weekend, opioid dependent on Wednesday, drug prices on Thursday and immigration every day of the week. In the lead up to mid-term elections, President Donald Trump has gone full policy.

Trump promotes a grip bag of new proposals as evidence of campaign missions held while Democrats question the timing of politics that are so close to choice.

Trump, who has talked about the need to lower prescription drug prices since his presidential campaign, said about the plan he revealed last week, “We do things no one was … bold enough to do.”

Towards a choice which may change its presidency deeply, Trump’s spell in political activity emphasizes the aggressive effort the White House does when Republicans try to ward off democratic gains. The White House says that all politicians have been at work or driven by external forces, but aides acknowledge that the movements also allow the possibility of joining voters on important issues such as health care and border security.

Democrats claimed that Trump was

After Trump rolled out the drug plan, later Ron Wyden said in a statement that “The Trump Administration has checked a dog and pony show to fool the American people to believe they are taking real measures to lower drug prices “. Minority leader Nancy Pelosi added: “It’s hard to take President Trump on prescription drug prices with this suggestion just 1

2 days after the election.”

White House Political Director Bill Stepien driven back on such criticism, saying that Trump has pursued “an aggressive political agenda on behalf of the American people and he does not slow down. The result is obvious: Good politics are good politics. “

On Friday, Trump expressed frustration that he had not received more fright for the drug plan, which he rejoiced as a” revolutionary change “. At a White House event, he complained that the plan was not treated accordingly, saying: “It did not get the kind of coverage it should have.” The president said the plan had been overshadowed by all focus on the bomb bomb’s scare but with the worry of a suspected “maybe it may start to disappear quickly because we do not like these stories.”

Sometimes the president has clearly been removed or advanced political ideas with limited impact.

Trump said last weekend that he hoped to move forward with a new tax reduction plan “sometime” or before November 1st. But the Congress is out of the session as a legislative campaign for the election on November 6, and the President’s plan for a new mid-term decline of about 10 percent has not yet been blown out. Rope. Kevin Brady told CNBC on Friday that legislators had worked with the White House for several months on a plan that he said would go ahead next year if the GOP could hold the house and the senate.

Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, mocked the president’s tax pressure in a campaign on Friday because of democrats, saying: “Congress is not even in session. He only does.”

The pitch of a new mowing seemed to be a quiet Confirmation from the Trump Administration that a previous package of 1.5 trillion dollars of tax cuts failed to deliver the political support that the Republicans had hoped for.

With immigration, Trump has seized a caravan of Central American immigrants striving for the southern border as a political “gift” when strengthening his hard boundary policy. After Trump promised this week to send additional troops to the border, the Pentagon on Friday approved a request likely to send hundreds to help US border control. Details of the extension will continue to be developed.

During its new drug plan, Medicare’s payment for drugs administered in medical offices would gradually change to a level based on international prices, which is usually lower. But the plan would not apply to medicines that people buy at the pharmacy and would not come into force for more than a year. Nevertheless, experts identified it as an important proposal, and noted that it was pushback from drug manufacturers. The White House said that the extension of the plan had been in progress for several months.

The drug plan, such as the troop system, did not require congress approval, a reminder of Trump’s continued struggle to make legislation go.

White House sees the varied political proposals as part of its political pressure, said a White House aide who was not competent to speak publicly about the strategy. Aiden said drug pricing was considered helpful in a choice where health care has emerged as a top voter. And as Trump himself suggests, the caravan is a powerful argument for its immigration proposals.

Republican consultant Alex Conant said that when it comes to reaching voters, “Trumps instincts on these things are good”.

On tax relief, he said: “Speaking voters they will receive a middle class tax cut if they will vote the Republican is GOP 101.”

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