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Trump politics Thanksgiving talks with troops to attack immigrants, judges

Even by Trump's clever policy standards, his comments were a number of controversial issues during what was usually a ceremony…

Even by Trump’s clever policy standards, his comments were a number of controversial issues during what was usually a ceremony and routine Thanksgiving call striking.

“Unfortunately, it was predictable and avoidable.” Adm. John Kirby, CNN military and diplomatic analyst. “The behavior of the President on this conversation, the way in which he politicized it, showed a complete and complete denial of what military service means.”

Trump, who also spoke to journalists long after the call, demanded stronger boundaries and challenged US military efforts to secure physical barriers between the United States and Mexico. He repeated his call for fair trade deals, defending his daughter Ivanka Trump against allegations of incorrect email usage, praising Saudi Arabia’s strategic value to the United States in connection with international rebel over the killing of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

And he raised his complaint about federal judges whose decision he disagrees with.

“It’s a horrible thing when judges take over your protection services when they tell you how to protect your border. It’s a shame,” said Trump with reference to the 9th Court of Appeals. Earlier this week, a judge from the Northern District of California issued a case-wise case for the 9th Circuit, a temporary limitation measure that prevented the Trump administration from preventing migrants who illegally bump into the United States from seeking asylum.

9th Circuit is a “big tag on our side,” said Trump at one point.

Trump said “large numbers of people form at our border” and said “in many cases we do not know who they are, and in many cases they are not good people. They are bad people.”

“We does not sound in anyone, mainly because we want to be very careful, “said Trump.

Trump has ordered nearly 6000 troops to the US-Mexico border to provide backing up to border workers who prepare for the introduction of groups of immigrants from Central America. The order was issued under the leadership of the mid-term election when Trump made the fight against illegal immigration a key part of its interest for Republicans seeking offices.

Trump also defended her daughter Ivanka after revealing earlier in the week that she had used a private email account to discuss or forward official White House company, an exercise inspiring to Trump hardly criticized Hillary Clinton during the 201

6 campaign.

The president said that his daughter’s case differed much from Clinton by her state-of-the-art emails that are now “in historical records” and that Ivanka did not send any classified emails. “

Trump also commended Saudi Arabia and called them a strategic partner for a long time, saying that they are investing billions of dollars in the United States.

He once again defended Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman over Khashoggi’s murder.” I do not know if someone will be able to conclude that Crown Prin ce did it, said trump. The CIA has linked the crown prince to death.

But, Trump said, “if he did or if he did not, he denies it strongly.”

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