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Trump Organization Considered to give the Putin Penthouse in the planned Moscow Tower

November 30, 2018 US 0 Views The Trump organization considered that Russia's President Vladimir Putin received a $ 50 million…

The Trump organization considered that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin received a $ 50 million penthouse in a failed 2016 project to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, reports several media.

“If we have Putin in the penthouse, every oligarch in Russia would like to live in that building,” Felix Sater, a businessman who worked on the project and suggested the idea, told the Washington Post. BuzzFeed News first reported the plan.

Real estate development was back in the spotlight on Thursday after the former Trump lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen had to listen to Congress on the date of his negotiations on the project. He had told the House Intelligence Committee that the conversation ended in January 201

6, but he has now admitted that he was in talks during Trump’s campaign as late as June 2016.

It is not clear if Trump was aware of the penthouse plan. HuffPost has reached the Trump Organization and White House for comments.

Trumps lawyer Rudy Giuliani told CNN: “CEO has never heard of this and the concept never came anywhere beyond an incomplete letter of intent and never even a proposal or draft contract.”

Trump on Friday morning Trump on Friday morning ] tweeted a defense for their business. “Against all odds, I decide to run for president and continue to run my business – very legal and very cool, talked about it on the campaign track ……. Easy looking at building a building somewhere in Russia. zero money, zero guarantees and did not do the project. Witch hunt! “

The trump organization tried to vain for 30 years to gain a foothold in Russia and Ukraine and investigate the possibilities for more than 20 developments, according to the Wall Street Journal.

But the trend in 2016 is under such an interest now because of Cohn’s acquisition to override it. Court applications on Thursday refer to Trump as “Individual-1”. Sater, the property developer who moved the penthouse idea, is “Individual-2”, CNN reported, quoting people familiar with the issue.

Sater and Cohen cooperated furiously behind the scenes to try to get the Trump Tower Moscow agreement off the ground, BuzzFeed News reported. Sater recalled that he had told Cohen about the penthouse idea and Cohen loved it.

“My view was to give Penton $ 50 million to Putin and charge $ 250 million for the rest of the units. All oligarchs would live in the same building as Putin,” said Sater.

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