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Trump Jr., Kushner can be accused of Mueller

F Words White House Advice John Dean believes Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner could be among the closest people…

F Words White House Advice John Dean believes Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner could be among the closest people accused by Robert Mueller Special Council.

“He has probably been told by prosecutors that he is a target. That means there is – if you will not cooperate, it will be a prosecution likely to follow, said Dean CNN Wednesday by President Trump’s oldest son and Mueller’s ongoing Federal Russia investigation. “He has not been called in front of a grand jury. It is another sign that he is treated in arm’s length. So he has adventure.

“Kushner, I will be surprised if he is not accused. I think he has a problem,” said the Dean of the White House Senior Adviser and President Trump’s son-in-law, referring to the work Kushner made during the transitional period claiming to establish channels with foreign governments.

Dean’s comments addressed to Trump’s family come after Judge Andrew Napolitano, a senior Fox News legal commentary, made similar comments Wednesday afternoon to SiriusXM’s “The Dan Abrams Show.”

“I know Donald Jr. has told friends to expect to be accused,” said Napolitano.

The legal exposition of Trump Jr. is rumored to derive from the Trump Tower meeting in June 201

6, drawn up between the best Trump campaigns and a Kremlin-linked lawyer for the purpose of sharing political dirt on it since Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton. Trump Jr. were given different accounts of the meeting to the media and the congress.

The speculation about Trump Jr. Future fell in October after Michael Cohen, president’s ex-longtime personal attorney and fixer, is obliged to “deliberately and cautiously” make a “significant false, fictional and deceptive statement and representation” to the Parliament and Senate Intelligence Commission 2017 on a Trump real estate project in Moscow. The charge derives from Mueller’s probe.

Dean, a drum critic, worked for former President Richard Nixon and served in jail after being guilty of preventing justice as part of the government’s attempt to cover the Watergate scandal.

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