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Trump is spared Macron as the Air Force One lands in France

Tuesday on Europe 1 radio demanded Macron a "real European army" within the European Union, according to AFP. [19659003] "We…

Tuesday on Europe 1 radio demanded Macron a “real European army” within the European Union, according to AFP. [19659003] “We must protect ourselves in relation to China, Russia and even the United States,” Macron said.

Macron also suggested that the United States since the start of Trump’s presidency has been the US as a less reliable ally.

“When I see President Trump announce that he will end a major disarmament treaty created after the 1

980 Euro-missile crisis that hit Europe, who is the main victim of Europe and its security,” he said.

Macron has advocated a similar position for several months.

Trumps tweeted on Friday could preview another high-level international meeting where the US president deviates from traditional American allies. Unlike the exciting G7 summit in June, Russian President Vladimir Putin will be present on this weekend’s birthday.

Although Trump and Macron seemed to be looking for a hot start after Trump’s inauguration, their relationship seems to have surprises.

During a conversation on trade and migration in June, sources that knew CNN talk said it did not end well.

 Trump jets to Paris, leaving political tumult behind

“Just bad. It was terrible,” told a source for CNN. “Macron thought he could think, based on the relationship. But Trump can not handle being criticized so.”

And most recently, a higher diplomatic source told CNN that Trump was “ranting and waiting for trade” with Macron during its bilateral meeting in September.

There was “some report” between the two, “but that’s not what it was (once),” said the source.

Macron is not the only European leader to increase Europe’s prospects to do more for its own defense.

EU President Donald Tusk made a similar proposal in May after Trump had withdrawn from the Iran Agreement and the Climate Change Agreement in Paris, threatened a series of trade disputes with Europe and constantly criticized NATO.

“Europe must do everything to protect, despite the mood of today, the transatlantic connection. But at the same time we have to be prepared for the scenarios, where we have to act on our own,” said Tusk.

Tusk also said that the EU would be “grateful” to Trump “because thanks to him, we’ve got rid of all illusions.”

“Looking at the latest decisions by President Trump, can anyone believe that: With friends so who needs enemies?” Tusk said, later added: “He has realized that if you need a helping hand, you will find a at the end of your arm. “

Trumps tweeted on Friday continues its repeated misunderstandings about how NATO works. The chairman has consistently complained that NATO members do not adequately contribute to the Joint Defense Agreement, which indicates that the 28 other members owe the US money in some way. In fact, all alliance members undertake to spend 2% of GDP on defense. While few have reached this threshold, most members have increased spending in recent years and approached the proposed spending level.

CNN’s Nicole Gaouette, Michelle Kosinski, Jennifer Hansler and Kaitlan Collins contributed to this report.

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