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Trump / Hannity interview: Transcript shows ignorance of the border crisis

An interview with Sean Hannity with Donald Trump is always a curious spectacle because the interviewer has published journalistic ethics…

An interview with Sean Hannity with Donald Trump is always a curious spectacle because the interviewer has published journalistic ethics and the subject has no compensation to lie, so whole affairs have the atmosphere of a news program but the substance of a partially improvised drama. And what was so striking about the Trump / Hannity interview on Thursday night at the US-Mexico border near McAllen, Texas is how perfunctory the script and performance are.

Although they face some of the most incredible softball-specific issues all the time, Trump is barely coherent. It is not possible to describe exactly what exactly it wants, without being able to quote any particular legal authority for any emergency declaration, and cannot describe what such an operation would actually allow him to achieve.

The subject that Trump shows some real passion is the perfection of the “fake news” media &#821

1; perfidies he tells Hannity as he learned about watching a previous episode of Hannity’s show.

The man whose fools disrupted the nation in a massive crisis that has airline officials working without pay, worries the FBI agents that ongoing investigations have to be released, the Joshua Tree National Park is irreparably damaged, and food controls are apparently no idea why.

Trump can’t explain exactly what he is suggesting.

A critical issue in any political negotiation is what the two sides want. The democrats’ view is quite clear – they want to resume the government, and then let negotiations on possible further requests for wall building proceed on a separate track. Trump, on the other hand, insists that the government must remain silent until he comes his way.

But what exactly does he want, exactly? Trump can’t really say. He seems to admit that he will not actually build the 2000-mile road he was betting on, claiming that if the particular frontier front he was facing was walled, Border Patrol staff could relocate elsewhere. But how much wall do we talk about? And where? And at what cost? Trump doesn’t know.

Sean: There is no barrier. All these drugs come in if these guys can’t cover every inch of, you know, 2000 miles.

Trump: That’s right. They have easy access to the US. We built a lot of wall. We have renovated a huge amount of wall with money we have already received. And we continue that. But now we just want to make it go and finish it. We will build the new wall. And that’s common sense. It’s really when you think about it, whether you’re in the world of law enforcement like those incredible people behind us who understand the wall so easily, I mean it would do the job so much better. And they can also go to other areas, because where you have the wall you do not need so many people. We would probably pay for it many times a year if you think about it. Just many times. So it’s not a money thing. It’s a political thing. They look at the 2020 competition and do not feel too good about what they do what they can to win.

In fact, Trump later in the interview seems to admit that the presence or absence of a physical barrier has very little to do with the main immigration policy argument that is happening in Washington.

“I do not know how to restore after losing a child killed by illegal immigrants,” notes Hannity as if it is easy to bounce back from your child being murdered by a native-born American. “I have met and interviewed so many angels mom and dad.”

Trump explains more about this theme and touches on the White House’s overall argument that American law is too generous for asylum seekers.

Death pours through. Not just at the border. They come through the border. They go and filter into the country. You were MS-13 gangs in different places like Los Angeles and you have bunches over Long Island that we knock in hell out of. There should be no reason for us to have to. She should not be allowed this. If we had the barrier they would not be allowed in.

Trump’s consequence that American asylum seekers are all dangerous gang members is a grotesque blood paralysis and it is boring for America how common it is. But in view of the suspension, the most important point is the only Trump himself doing here – asylum seekers are allowed because the asylum application is legal . The White House says it wants the relevant laws. But with unauthorized immigration from Mexico down dramatically from where it was 15 or 20 years ago, this is – asylum seekers – and not people stumbling across the border core of the debate. The wall is irrelevant.

And yet Trump is also prepared to argue that it is some form of emergency.

Trump Can’t Explain His Emergency Plan

When the partial shut-down comes into being in the third week, there is a growing consensus in Washington that Trump’s way out of bondage will be to claim some form of emergency wall construction that makes it a fight against the courts and let us resume the government without having returned.

But when Hannity gives this option, probably so that Trump can do it, the president cannot interfere with explaining what forces he is talking about claiming or why (perhaps he should read Emily Stewart’s explainer). Trump says he is “allowed to do so” which means explaining an emergency but he cannot describe which law allows him to do so or what such an explanation would allow him to do. He just starts to walk.

Hannity: You said earlier today that it is likely that you will probably explain a national emergency. How soon would it happen?

Trump: If we do not make an agreement with Congress, I will probably do what I would actually say I should. I can’t imagine any reason why not because I have to do it. The law is 100 percent on my side. So, if we can’t make an agreement with Congress, we should be able to make an agreement with Congress. If you see Democrats in Congress, especially the new ones coming in, start saying wait one minute, we can’t win this fight with Trump because of the fact that it’s just common sense. How can we say that a wall does not work? They show empty fields on helicopters and people just go through. And you put a wall, they can’t run through.

Then, Hannity tries to help him with a certain idea – perhaps through an emergency statement, he can use the defense department’s money to build a wall. But Trump immediately jumps off the track and starts talking about wheels.

Hannity: What are the alternatives, but if you explain a national emergency, the Pentagon also has the opportunity to help build the wall.

Trump: If we do not make an agreement with the Congress, which we should be able to. Really just common sense and a compromise is needed and look, they know the wall is working. Do you know what works? A wheel. And a wall. They call it a medieval thing. Well, you know, I’m watching all those very expensive cars everywhere here loaded up with machine guns and each one has wheels. A wheel is an old thing. There are two things they work on. A wall would be so effective. It would solve so many murders and so much death and drugs and human trafficking. Where they tie up women on their face. They tie them up and put them on the back of a car or a car and they drive straight through the border.

I’m not quite sure what Trump is talking about here, but more to that point Trump is not sure what Hannity is talking about why he began to wander about it. And yet, Trump is the most important decision maker in this crisis. Then he throws himself at a shame.

Trump has no awareness of others.

More than a million people live in households relying on a federal paycheck that doesn’t come tomorrow due to Donald Trump’s legislative tactics. The children cannot go to the zoo, pilots are worried about the safety of aviation safety, companies that rely on early economic data fly blind, services for Indians are about to break down completely and the financial consequences will only be fungi if several skipped paychecks lead to loan settings and error problems.

Meanwhile, Trump missed his usual Christmas holiday on a luxurious beach resort:

Trump: They know what I’m saying something 100 percent right. It’s not just us, it’s everyone who says everyone says it. If you do not have a barrier, if it is a steel barrier or a concrete wall, very strong, you will never solve this problem. You will never solve and I do not need to. This look, I could have done something much easier. I could have had myself. I haven’t left the white house because I’m waiting for them to come over a long time. You know it. I stayed home for Christmas. I stayed at the White House for New Year.

Hannity: I think you tweeted Christmas Eve alone, where’s Chuck and Nancy?

Trump: My family, I told them they live in Florida and enjoy yourself. In fact, I want to be in Washington. I mean, I think that is very important.

But this is the core of the question. He does not consider this issue very important. It is not enough for him to offer Democrats any subject in a legislative change and it is not enough for him to have disturbed learning something about the issue or even to develop a specific proposal. He puts a huge cost on a large number of people, but he personally suffers nothing but the tenderness of the White House.

And he is so unconscious that he actually threw himself into a sin in the midst of all the problems he causes. There is no excuse here for the trouble followed by an explanation of why he does it. Because he is not sad. He wants us to be sorry for him. And it is somehow the most disturbing thing for everyone.

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