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Trump-GOP rift is growing over Saudi

GOP senators who left a closed-door information display insisted that they were more confident than ever that Saudi Crown Prince…

GOP senators who left a closed-door information display insisted that they were more confident than ever that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was responsible for the killing of American journalist Jamal Khashoggi at a Saudi consulate in Turkey.

“There is no smoke gun, there is a smoke saw,” said late. Lindsey Graham Lindsey Olin Graham This week: Lawmakers return to mourn George HW Bush Senate led to conflicts over Saudi Arabia Flake: The Mueller proposition has voices to pass the Senate MER (RS.C. ) in an acute reference to statements by the president and other officials that there was no “smoking service” that fits the de facto Saudi ruler into Khashoggi’s slaying.

“You have to be careful blind to not conclude that this was orchestrated and organized by people led by MBS and that he was intricately involved in the closure of Mr Khashoggi,” Graham added, using the Crown Prince’s initials.

Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee for Senate Bob Corker Robert (Bob) Phillips CorkerOvernight Defense: Congress Pause to Mourn George HW Bush | Hack to short senators on Khashoggi death | Soldier is fourth to die from Afghan IED blast CIAs Haspel to short senators on Khashoggi death This week: Lawmakers return to mourn for George H.W. Bush MORE (R-Tenn.) Said there was “zero question” the crown prince had Khashoggi killed.

“I have no question in my mind that the crown prince ruled the murder and was appreciated by the situation all the way through. I have no question in my mind,” said Corker, who retires in January.

The question is now what’s next.

President Trump Donald John TrumpBush family promised Trump that the funeral would avoid criticizing him: reporting Manafort last year discussed the mediation of an agreement with Ecuador to hand over Assange to the United States: reporting the Justice Department blending top spokesmen after sessions finish : Report MORE has repeatedly shown that the United States’s relationship with Saudi Arabia is too important to endanger Khashoggi’s death. In an unusual statement a few weeks ago, he said that “we may never know all the facts” surrounding the journalist’s killing and adding to the crown prince: “Maybe he did, and maybe he did not”, knows details about the crimes. [19659002] Fatimah Baeshen, a spokesman for the Saudi embassy, ​​defended the crown prince during a string of tweets on Tuesday saying that they “categorically rejected allegations that allegedly link the crown prince to this horrible event.”

Last week, the Senate voted to deepen an action that would require the president to remove any troops in or “affect” the Saudi war in Yemen within 30 days, unless they fight with al Qaeda.

Senators hope to reach agreement on what changes they should make to the underlying resolution, traced by Sens. Chris Murphy Christopher (Chris) Scott MurphyI This Week: Lawmakers Return To Sorrow George HW Bush Senate Led To Conflict Over Saudi Arabia Over The Night Defense: Trump at G-20 | Calls on Ukraine’s only reason to cancel Putin’s meeting The Senate sends a resolution condemning Russian documents | The weapon forces warn of defensive defenses MER (D-Conn.), Bernie Sanders Bernard (Bernie) SandersOcasio-Cortez: The fight against climate change will be “the movement of custody in our generation” 12:30 Report – Presented of the United Arab Emirates embassy – Trump says Cohen is going to be in jail | The nation is preparing for Bush 41 funeral | Congressional Resolutions vote Beto Rourke seen as a top contender 2020: poll MORE (I-Vt.) And Mike Lee Michael (Mike) Shumway LeeTime for President Trump to Raise America’s Interest in Discussions about NATO This Week: The Laws Return to Fare George HW Bush Senate led to conflict over Saudi Arabia MORE (R-Utah).

Graham said he plans to introduce a separate resolution that would cause the Senate to record the crown prince of Khashoggi’s killing. While non-binding, passage of such resolution would be a major punishment against an American ally.

CIA Director Gina Haspel’s briefing seemed to increase momentum for action.

In an obvious shift, Sen. bought. Richard Shelby Richard Craig ShelbyLawmakers More Time To Spend Contracts. Border wall bickering increases the odds of shutdown Dems will not opt ​​for shutdown of Dreamers MORE (R-Ala.), Who voted to improve the Yemen resolution last week, would not rule out supporting it after talking with Haspel.

“All evidence points to all this leading back to the Crown Prince,” Shelby said, adding that Khashoggi’s death was “disgusting behavior”.

Senators, annoyed by the administration’s refusal to previously send Haspel to Capitol Hill, were convinced of arguments put forward by a senate briefing by Defense Secretary James Mattis James Norman MattisOvernight Defense: Congress Purses to Mourn George HW Bush | Hack to short senators on Khashoggi death | Soldier is fourth to die from Afghan IED blast Hillicon Valley: Nexstar to buy Tribune in .1B TV store | Dozens of Attending the Paris Cyber ​​Pact | The trial claims Israeli spyware used to track Khashoggi | Mattis says Russia tried to interfere in 2018 midterms | Robot writers come to Walmart CIA’s Haspel to shorten senators on Khashoggi death MORE and state secretary Mike Pompeo Michael (Mike) Richard Pompeo Defense Guard: Congress pause to calm George H.W. Bush | Hack to short senators on Khashoggi death | Soldier is fourth to die from Afghan IED blast CIAs Haspel to short senators on Khashoggi death The United States needs a clear strategy for rolling back Iran MORE .

Senators say Haspel, who focused her talk about Khashoggi and not Yemen, did not change the senses in the room, but gave a more gloomy assessment compared to last week’s Mattis-Pompeo briefing.

Hack’s compilation included about 10 senators – Majority leader Mitch McConnell Addison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellMcConnell: “Full fracture” with Saudi Arabia not in US interest Legislature buys more time to spend agreements Bush is hailed for principles as legislator pay respect MORE (R-Ky.) Minority Leader Charles Schumer Charles) Ellis SchumerThe Hills 12:30 Report – Latest On Dem Leadership Votes | Trump threatens new car tariffs | Senators informed about Khashoggi Schumer welcomes his first grandson No, it’s not a game for Dems to back Beto for President MORE (DN.Y.) And leadership from national security-related committees.

Corker asked about the difference in tons between Haspel and Mattis and Pompeo, saying it was like “the difference between the darkness and the sunshine.”

More senators want to hear from Haspel.

Murphy said that “of course,” Haspel would have met the whole body, and added that “last” of most senators did not give the administration any benefits.

“Denying a briefing to 80 percent of the Senate does not help win your friends,” he said.

When they were reached by the Hill about whether the limited guest list, the CIA refused to comment.

The chances of the Yemen Bill becoming a team soon appear.

The house, which gets its own briefing about Saudi Arabia next week, has not been bound to move the bill by the end of the year, despite the fact that Democrats have signaled that it is a priority after they have been given power in January.

In the Senate, 37 Republican Senators voted to improve the resolution.

McConnell said at a Wall Street Journal event this week that senators were “fighting” to find a “suitable” response.

“No response is really inappropriate. Looking in other ways is not appropriate, but a complete fracture with Saudi Arabia, in my opinion, is not in our best interest in the long run,” he said.

The Senate could vote to begin debating Yemen’s resolution next week. Leadership and supporters of the resolution are in talks to try to get an agreement to avoid a free ballot, where senators will be able to force a vote on any amendment.

Corker acknowledged after the interconnection with Haspel that “temperatures are up” Among senators, there is a contradiction about whether the Senate will try to respond to both Khashoggi’s death and Yemen in a law.

“I think the temperatures are up of all involved … so finding out something that can pass overwhelming will still be difficult because some people want to tie the Yemen piece into the Khashoggi piece,” he said.

Asked about Haspel’s briefing changed something, Corker shook his head no when the door of his senate subway car was closed.

Graham also wants legislation as he co-sponsored Sen. Bob Menendez Robert (Bob) Menendez More monitoring of America’s international media network is a good idea Pro Israel organizations sho wuld finally seek repayment against the Iran Agreement Dems Trump lowers refugee targets to 30,000, he must meet it more [19659004] (DN.J.) As an amendment to the Yemen resolution. This bill would require sanctions for all those involved in Khashoggi, a report on Saudi Arabia’s human rights and a termination of arms sales to Saudi countries, among other provisions.

Corker said that a measure specifically related to the death of the journalist would probably receive wider support than aggregating bills on Yemen and Khashoggi.

He said that the Senate had to talk about the question or administration’s rhetoric would signal to the international community that the Crown Prince and others would have immunity.

“I think it would prove to them and people in the region just based on what has been said that someone like MBS can kill people and have immunity,” said Corker. “If he were in charge of a jury he would have a unanimous judgment in about 30 minutes – a guilty judgment. “

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