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Trump Denigrates Retired Admiral McRaven As Hillary Fan

Fox's Wallace was aware of this loyalty test and opened his media attacks issue by pointing out that Trump himself…

Fox’s Wallace was aware of this loyalty test and opened his media attacks issue by pointing out that Trump himself had appointed the referee last week blocked his effort to remove CNN’s Jim Acosta in a White House press pass, which if any Obama-appointed judge would have been suspected. In his interview, lost Friday at the White House, Wallace had said about the president’s “fake news” statements, “Often it’s just news you do not like.” Trump looked down and shook his head. “No, no,” he says. “I do not mind getting bad news if I’m wrong.”

The president rarely backs down or admits wrong, so he thinks that it should rarely be critical news coverage. the occasions &#821

1; in the interview with Wallace he said he should have visited the Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day – he deflects. He takes the politician’s art to blame others for an extreme, wrong Democrat for legislative deficiencies such as the failed Obamacare suspension, despite the GOP control both of the comrades in Congress. When asked last month about 60 minutes if he had regret, he replied, “I regret that the press treats me so badly.”

“Is it enough?” He asked. “Can I go higher than that?”

“I’m totally out of pressure,” said Trump Wallace. “There must be a fair pressure.” The Fox News anchor tried to push the idea of ​​independent journalism: “Does the president decide what is fair and what is not?” The president replied, “I can say what is fair and what is not.”

The right media ecosystem has expanded in the Trump era, partly because some followers also see Fox News as for critical of President. Outlets like OneAmerica News Network and Right Side Broadcasting Network offer a cozy cheerleading cocoon that tries to broadcast live from all its many campaign processes to midterms, allowing fans to bypass the usual media.

Americans today can construct their own reality based on the partisan news sources they follow. In Trump’s world, the merits of an idea seem to mean less than the ideology, or political affiliation or proximity of Hillary Clinton, from its source.

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Andrew Kragie is a writer based in Washington, D.C.
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