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Trump believes that job shaking in white houses and homeland security

November 13, 2018 US 0 Views WASHINGTON – The Trump family is working to leave a personal decision after a…

WASHINGTON – The Trump family is working to leave a personal decision after a bruising in the middle of the electoral period, when President Trump moves to big shuffles in his cabinet and his West Wing staff, several people knew the discussions on Tuesday.

President Trump is almost sure to fire Kirstjen Nielsen, secretary of home security, who has long been a target for the president’s dissatisfaction, said three people close to the president. Mr Trump talked about renouncing Mrs Nielsen before his trip to Paris for a World War I memory.

But within the White House, removal of Mrs Nielsen is also seen as a way for Mr. Trump to push out the White House Chief, John F. Kelly, without direct shooting him. Nick Ayers, Managing Director of Vice President Mike Pence, has long been seen as a potential replacement for Kelly if he leaves.

Mr. Ayers is favored by Mr. Trumps son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and daughter Ivanka Trump, both serving as West Wing advisor. Mr. Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., has told friends that he sees Mr Ayers as “competent”, a stamp that the Trump family has not always applied to people working for his father.

Mr. Ayers does not travel as planned with Mr. Pence on his official trip to Asia this week, two officials in the White House said. And another potential human resource manager, Mick Mulvaney, who is already leading two bodies and has been seen as a campaign for the West Wing job, has said that he is no longer interested.

Several people working in the White House who are not members of the Trump family or their allies have expressed concern for the president to put Mr Ayers in that role and warned that some employees could terminate because of it.

Another administrative official, Mira Ricardel, a foreign-political hard-liner who had served as an alternate national security advisor John R. Bolton, was expected to be dismissed after the first lady Melania Trump complained to Kelly, according to a person who knew what took place. Ms. Ricardel, who had worked at the defense ministry and suspected of defense secretary Jim Mattis, had deterred two members of Mrs. Trumps staff during the first lady’s trip to Africa last month, said the person. [19659002] A spokesman for Mrs Trump could not be reached immediately for comment, and Mrs. Ricardel’s name was left on a list of those who attended an official White House event in the afternoon.

Mr. Trump hates interpersonal confrontation, and he often makes tools that he does not like to stay in his positions for uncomfortably long times, which means that changes can still be weeks away warned people near the president. And Mr. Ayer’s name has previously been mentioned as a Kelly successor, to just disappear when Kelly has remained in his post.

But Nielsen has been a goal for Mr. Trumps Ire for many months, mainly about his administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy and his belief that she did not implement it effectively.

Mr. Trump and Mr. Kelly arrived at a plan earlier this year for Kelly to remain in his job by the 2020 election, but the president has privately told the Allies that he would not invest in his staff chief who has been staying for so long.

Washington Post reported first that Mrs Nielsen may resign soon. A white spokesman did not respond to an email-commentary comment.

Mr. Kelly has often defended Ms Nielsen for the president and protected her from other cabinet members when she was attacked from them.

Among some of Mr. Trumps allies have expressed his views and treatment of Nielsen as unfair. The president has lost his previous position in the George W. Bush administration and questioned his loyalty. He also helped to ensure that she was exposed to the deeply controversial border-protection policy of taking children from her parents.

In the hometown department, some employees said they had believed for months that Nielsen was on their way out.

Employees say that Mrs Nielsen has struggled to explain the White House complexity in border security. An employee said that Mrs Nielsen has even pushed back many actions suggested by immigrant workers, although she has forged forward efforts to restrict immigration by means of other controversial policies. The latest effort is a proposal that would deny asylum to all who arrived illegally in the country.

Employees believe Nielsen’s fate was sealed by the Agency’s border monitoring data released in the last two months.

Last week, Customs and Border Protection released data showing a monthly record of 23,121 people traveling in families either handed over or arrested by Border Patrol agents. Families are increasingly caught by the border, and most are from the Central American counties of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. In September, nearly 16 658 people were detained in families at the border, which led to the Trump Administration noting the rise of immigrants a crisis and a national security threat.

Although the total number of people committed at the border remains low, trumpet administration has become increasingly frustrated as the number of families making the trip to the United States has increased.

Deputy secretary job at the agency has been unfulfilled since Elaine Duke left April. The White House has not appointed a substitute.

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