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Trump asks the Supreme Court to hear the challenge of transgender military prohibition

The Trump Administration on Friday asked the Supreme Court to take up the President's transgender military ban. Lawyer Noel Francisco…

The Trump Administration on Friday asked the Supreme Court to take up the President’s transgender military ban.

Lawyer Noel Francisco filed an application to the Supreme Court on Friday asking them to hear the question currently being debated in three lower courts in

Francisco also argued that the regulations issued by the Dutch courts give rise to review to harm the military.

Trump announced for the first time on Twitter that he intended to prohibit transgender from serving in military in July 2017. In March of this year he wrote a letter written by Defense Secretary James Mattis James Norman MattisNielsen, Kelly collapsed with immigration hawks over Trump’s military order: Report Trump is holding talks with troops, Coast Guard is planning a visit to Thanksgiving Trump for a teleconferencing with the Thanksgiving MORE military who banned most transgender from serving in the military except under certain limited circumstances. “

However, the police have been blocked by courts around the country, including the District Court District District in August.

According to Francisco, because of the regulations,” the military has been forced to keep the former policy for almost a year “despite Mattis and an expert group’s decision that “previous policy, assumed by [Defense Secretary Ash Carter] was at a high risk of military effectiveness and mortality. “[19659002] The Supreme Court usually expects the case to come through lower courts before they raise them.

Groups involved in the court’s challenges to the transgender ban let refrain from Trump’s relocation to involve the Supreme Court on Friday. 19659002]” There is no urgent here and no reason for the court to weigh at this time, “said Jennifer Levi, LGBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders Transgender Rights Project Director.

” The injuctions maintain the status quo of the open employment policy, which is thoroughly characterized by the military itself and has been in place now for more than two years. This is simply an attempt by a ruthless Trump administration to push through a discriminatory policy. Politics is flying for military research and dozens of military experts. “

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