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Trump and Pelosi Dominate Ads Aimed at Rallying and Repelling Voters

Topics that have consumed Washington-the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the probe into Russian interference in the…

Topics that have consumed Washington-the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the probe into Russian interference in the last presidential election-are barely a blip in political advertising this year. President Trump and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, meanwhile, are featured in thousands of ads, suggesting Republicans and Democrats are trying to galvanize their bases ahead of the pivotal midterm elections.

More than 16% of ads in Senate and House races across the country mention Mr. Trump, and about 8% include Mrs. Pelosi, according to an analysis by The Wall Street Journal of Kantar Media / CMAG data. By contrast, the Russia probe and the Supreme Court combined came up in about 2% of the ads that have aired through Oct. 20, the analysis found.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: The Republican President has told crowds of supporters that the midterms are all about him. Og baseret på reklame, nogle kandidater tror det også. Mr. Trump is mentioned in House and Senate ads more than any subjects except health care and taxes.

Yet, at least from an advertising perspective, former Democratic President Barack Obama was a bigger target. In de middellange verkiezingen van zijn eerste termijn, 28% van alle Huis en Senaat advertenties-volledig 50% van alle GOP-advertenties-waren anti-Obama. In jaar, minder dan 7% van de advertenties dragen een anti-Trump message. Trump-opposition commercials make up just 1

5% of Democratic ads.

PROTECT: When Mr. Trump comes up in an ad, more often than not it is in a positive or protective context. About 146,600 Republican ads include claims the candidate will work with Mr. Trump or sound notes of support for him.

“They are going to try to impeach the president,” Republican West Virginia Senate candidate Patrick Morrisey says of “liberals” in his new ad, which also intones: “Voting for Joe Manchin gives Democrats impeachment power. “

SUPPORT: It’s not just Republicans speaking approvingly of Mr. Trump. Some 23,672 Democratic Senate ads do the same. These are most common in the states that elected Mr. Trump by wide margins, where Democratic senators are trying to hold on to their seats.

“When he’s for Hoosiers, I’m with him,” Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly says in one ad. In another, he splits a log with an ax and says, “I split with my own party to support funding for Trump’s border wall.”

“I work with President Trump, when he does what’s right for West Virginia,” Sen . Joe Manchin says in an ad.

NOTE: Not every vulnerable Senate Democrat is taking this tack. Late. Bill Nelson in Florida, a state that just barely chose Mr. Trump, says in a new ad, “When President Trump asks for something that’s good for him and prayed for Florida, I know what I’ll do-I’ll say no.”

GOVERNORS AND TRUMP: Mr . Trump is making appearances in gubernatorial ads, too. More than 114,000 Republican ads tout or promise cooperation with Mr. Trump, while about 91,000 Democratic ads highlight differences with him.

Perhaps the most memorable Trump-related ad is one of Republican Florida governor hopeful Ron DeSantis. In it, hij speelt met zijn kinderen in Trump-themed instellingen. One child builds a “wall” out of colorful blocks, Mr. DeSantis reads the president’s book “The Art of the Deal” to another and teaches a third how to say “Make America Great Again.”

LEADER PELOSI: The biggest bookman of this year’s midterms is actually a woman. More than 135,600 House and Senate ads have mentioned Mrs. Pelosi, in an entirely negative context. Det er mere negativ reklame end Mr. Trump has faced this year. The reason? Mrs. Pelosi typically has higher unfavorability ratings than Mr. Trump.

The once and potential future speaker of the House comes up in almost as many Senate ads as House ads. Et eksempel på dette er demokratisk rep. Jacky Rosen, who is running for a Nevada Senate seat, said in an ad that she “broke with Nancy Pelosi” while serving in the House.

For supporters of her opponent, Republican Sen. Dean Heller, that is not enough distance. One ad by the conservative super PAC Senate Leadership Fund even purports to confuse the two female lawmakers to make its point.

Mrs. Pelosi has become more of a feature in ads for the fall general election. In August, September and October, at least 8% of all ads included here, up from lower percentages over the spring and summer primary seasons.

But her presence peaked in February, during the special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th District, which Democrat Conor Lamb unexpectedly won in March. The Republican side of the race mentioned Mrs. Pelosi in 2,879 ads, and Mr. Lamb said he would consider backing a different leader. His own Pelosi ads aired about 272 times. That means Mrs. Pelosi appeared in more than one out of every three ads in the race and the Democrat still won.

RUSSIA PROBE: Special counsel Robert Mueller has been a mainstay of Washington headlines since his appointment in spring 2017 to investigate Russian interference in the presidential election and any possible collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign. A journal review of major newspaper articles archived in Nexis found that he has appeared in headlines or first paragraphs of 3,528 articles since his appointment in May 2017.

But the probe has appeared in just 0.2% of all political ads this year. Even telecommunicatie problemen zijn meer vaak besproken.

De datavertoning is Republicans, niet-democraten, die de onderzoeken in advertenties opnemen. Russland-relaterede annoncer var aired by Republicans. In fact, Republicans in the Florida Senate race have aired more ads on this topic than anyone else, with Republicans in the Indiana Senate race a close second. Mueller-themed ads also appeared in the Oklahoma 1st District race, where political newcomer Kevin Hern used his Republican primary opponent’s support for the probe to make the case that he is not conservative enough.

“What is Tim Harris hiding with his negative campaign? Maybe that Harris supports the Mueller witch hunt that’s desperate to bring down President Trump, “a narrator says in one of Mr. Hern’s ads. In another, Mr. Hern says, “My opponent wants the Mueller investigation into the president to continue.”

SUPREME COURT: For all the talk that the Supreme Court confirmation battle of justice Brett Kavanaugh is generating enthusiasm among otherwise checked-out Republican voters , GOP candidates are not generally advertising on the issue to stoke turnout.

No surprise that most of the Supreme Court-themed ads have been in districts where Democratic Senators faced a tough choice on their vote. But beyond West Virginia, Montana and Indiana, the ads are almost non-existent, appearing in only three House races and in small batches in Senate races.

The Journal found that health care is mentioned in more than half of all midterm advertising this year, and is especially heavy among Democrats. Republicans, meanwhile, were more likely to talk up taxes-yet more reluctant to specifically mention the 2017 tax legislation.

Democrats also are drilling into gun issues, while Republicans are shying away from that topic.

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