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Trump and Cruz put away Vitriol to present a United Front

October 23, 2018 World 0 Views HOUSTON – During the competition for the Republican presidential elections in 2016, Donald J.…

HOUSTON – During the competition for the Republican presidential elections in 2016, Donald J. Trump asked a bidding question to voters : “Why would the Texas people support Ted Cruz when he did absolutely nothing for them”

More than two years later, President Trump Texas visited to answer his own question: for Cruz now supports Mr Trump.

“It became nasty,” acknowledged Mr. Trump about their contest when he set up an arena full of followers on Monday on behalf of Mr Cruz’s campaign for re-election to the Senate. “And then it ended. And I’ll tell you &#821

1; no one has helped me more with your tax cuts, with your regulation, with all the things we do, including the military and veterinarians, than Senator Ted Cruz.”

If ever there was a moment during this midterm election that reinforced how much Mr Trump has asserted the control of the Republican party, it came during the rally in Houston’s Toyota Center. While many chosen Republicans remain privately scared of the President for various reasons, they have abandoned their grief to embrace him during this campaign period, as demonstrated by Mr Cruz, one of Mr Trump’s last and most virulent opponents during his trip to the White House.

When he looked out with Mr. Trump in the jam-packed 18,000-seat arena on the first day of early Texas voting, Cruz said he was “honored” to have the president’s help and presented himself as an alliance in developing his policies on taxation, regulation and immigration. “I’m proud to have worked with President Trump hand in hand to cope with the biggest tax cuts in history,” he said.

While committing himself to any personal praise or withdrawing any of his previous criticism, Mr Cruz committed to supporting Mr Trump for a second term. “By 2020, Donald Trump will be overwhelmedly re-elected as the US president,” he said, adding, “I’m looking forward to fighting next to him in 2020.”

Politics is an activity of situational ethics and alliances of convenience, but even in non-permanent campaigns, rarely two politicians have been so vitriotic to each other just to turn around and present a common front as if they were really friends all the way time.

Even after losing nomination, Mr Cruz refused to openly approve Mr Trump at the Republican National Convention, which only arrives later in the fall. But after finally embracing him, Mr. Cruz at him after revealing the “Access Hollywood” band. Mr Trump’s vulgar talk about women, as a means of saying, went a long way to heal their rift.

Talk with reporters before leaving Washington to Houston, Trump said the two had buried the hatchet. “He’s not Lyin Ted anymore,” said the president. “He’s beautiful Ted.” Mr Trump said that the two had practiced a “very, very nasty and tough campaign”, but he had appreciated Mr Cruz. “I like him very much. And he’s a very clever guy.”

Nevertheless, Trump never apologizes for attacking Mr Cruz’s family and refused to do it again on Monday. “I do not regret anything, honestly,” he said. “Everything worked very well.”

Mr. Cruz was hardly decisive on his way to the rally and said he made a calculated decision to put him behind him to be more politically effective. “If I put my own personal harmful feelings before representing Texas, it would abolish my responsibility,” he said on “This Week” at ABC News this weekend.

Ask if he thought Trump a friend, Mr. Cruz would not go that far. “He’s the president,” he said instead. “And he is the president. I work with the president to deliver on our promises.”

Andy Surabian, a Republican strategist who ran the campaign’s war room for Mr. Trump in 2016, yet said that the relationship between the president and the senator has evolved into an authentic partnership. “I would call the real approach,” he said.

When he refused to abandon Mr. Trump after “Access Hollywood,” he said, Cruz sealed it tied. “When he did not, the way he saw in Trump’s orbit began to change for the better,” said Mr. Sura Bian. “Since then, Cruz has been one of Trumps most trusted supporters in the Senate.”

Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas and father of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, made light of the story of bad blood between the president and the senator.

“Is @realDonaldTrump disingenuous about” Lyin “Ted? & # 39;” he wrote on Twitter on Monday. “Not at all. He actually said LION TED -” King of Washington Jungle. “The press just misunderstood.”

Mr. Cruz faces a major challenge from El Paso’s Beto R & D Rourke, who has become a national star among Democrats, bringing in $ 38 million in the last quarter, a new Senate campaign, but still running in his subdog to turn Conservative Texas Blue.

In a debate last week, O & # 39; Rourke adopted the president’s sobriquet about Mr Cruz. “He’s dishonest, and that’s why the president called him Lyin Ted, and that’s why the nickname is stuck – because it’s true,” said Rourke. He later expressed anger and said, “I took a step too far.” He spent Tuesday as a campaign around Houston.

Matt Angle, a long-standing Democratic strategist from Texas and founder of Lone Star Project, a political action committee seeking to counter Texas Republicans, said Mr. Trump’s decision to fight for Mr Cruz showed that Republicans are afraid that the senator could lose.

“Trump coming to Texas reminds everyone that Ted got Trump to call him a liar, insult his wife and disrespectful father and never ever have to apologize,” Angle said. “There are few people who respect Texan’s respect less than those who roll over for a windy bullying. In essence, by giving Trump to Texas to stumble for him, Cruz surrendered his dignity to Trump in exchange for a public stomach rubbing.”

Rick Tyler, a former strategist for Mr. Cruz and one of the most visible Republican critics of Mr. Trump said he did not see the visit as a sign that the senator could lose but that the president knew he would win and wanted to take credit. “They are a transitional relationship,” said Tyler, “but Trump is primarily in Texas to claim he was the reason why Cruz won.”

In their speech on Monday evening, the Trump and Cruz crowds benefited from their common priorities for cutting taxes, closing the limit, limiting the rules and protecting gun rights and just saying a little about each other. Instead, everyone preferred to attack Mr. Rourke, whom Trump called “a stupid” and democrats, which they said would replace freedom with socialism and accommodate foreigners.

Mr. Trump talked out that polls have found that he is unpopular in other countries and says it means he is doing a good job. “A globalist is a person who wants the land to work well, sincere, do not care about our country so much,” he said. “You know what I am? I’m nationalist, O.K. Nationalist. Use that word, use that word.”

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