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Triple Option: Moss takes twist on showcase talent in 41-10 win over UCLA

PASADENA, CA. "For the fourth week in a row, Utah Utes has scored over 40 points and dominated his opponents…

PASADENA, CA. “For the fourth week in a row, Utah Utes has scored over 40 points and dominated his opponents for winnings.

On a Friday in an important South Division matchup against UCLA, Utah Bruins defeated 41-10 to become the bowl qualified for a 211-yards rushing performance by running back Zack Moss. Juniback drove the UCLA defense around when he finished three rushing touchdowns one night when the crime had 470 total laps.

On Friday night, Utah is unaccompanied by the Pac-12 South position and has swept the state of California law. Last time, Utes swept the state of California was 2014 when Utah beat Fresno State, UCLA, USC and Stanford in a 9-4 season.

Here are a few entries from Utah’s victory over Bruins.

For whatever reason, Rose Bowl is a great place to play for Utah’s backs. Perhaps it’s the grass or nostalgia to play where so many memories have been made over the years, but it has been a place where Utah has formally announced its workwear backpacks to college football.

In 201

6, Joe Williams, after retirement and then returning released a heavy dose of driving on the UCLA defense, ending with 332 meters and four touchdowns of 29 carrying on to a 52-45 victory. It was good enough for a Utah school team and probably a game that drove him to NFL.

On Friday, Moss released another heavy dose of Bruins driving game for a career high 211 meters and three touchdowns. While not the 300+ meters as Williams succeeded, Moss has proven to be a physical back with the ability to attack defenders to extend laps.

And it’s not like Moss slows down as the game progresses. His ability to be more physical only improves the longer he plays. Initial hits are meaningless to the juniors, as he finds a way to extend driving and drive for bigger profits. As a result, Moss was an average of 8.1 meters per berry and most of these lasts defeated defenders.

Utah fans should enjoy the talents they have with Moss on the field, because he is likely to have done enough to make a strong case for the forthcoming NFL draft and will probably leave the program early. Crazy things have happened, but he turns out to be a strong candidate for NFL the longer the season goes.

It was not the best start for Utes, as they managed only 3 points in their first two trips in the Red Zone during the first quarter. One of these trips was gifted to those whose UCLA return muffed a point and Utah recovered from Bruin’s 6-yard line. But Utah’s offensive stalled and eventually Quarterback Tyler Huntley threw a chase at the end zone to end the device.

During the early weeks of the season, the slow start was a troubling trend and meant that Utes was in for a long night – and even a loss. But the script has twisted since the first part of the season and Utah has the right attitude not to allow early fighting to predict future inconsistencies.

In back-to-back weeks, Utah has wiped away the early woes and has found a measured approach to crime to slowly and methodically pick up opposite defenses and the right course. Against Bruins, Utah would respond to UCLA’s only touchdown of the game and led early to score 28 unsuccessful points. Utah would build on that lead after a Bruins field goal to score points in the magic number of 41 points.

While not perfect, Utah is at least confronted and works through the matches to demand well-needed South Division victories.

Looking at the final archive, there was nothing about the tight ends that necessarily stood out. It’s actually one of the quieter nights for the tight end group this season. But their games are worth mentioning in a game where they allowed the offensive to succeed.

Cole Fotheringham, Connor Haller, Jake Jackson and Brant Kuithe have all been a relatively indeterminate aspect of Utah’s crimes against this season. Other than Haller, each has contributed to a touchdown to the season and several major games to move the chains for the crime. Moss, Armand Shyne, TJ Green, UK Covey, Tyler Huntley, etc. have all benefited from the tight ends and provide some extra protection. But it’s their ability to block and set the edge that has been a big boost for Utes.

up front and allow crime to be distinguished. In addition, they have been a major receiving threat in the game because defenders have a match problem on their hands.

Although not as statistically impressive as Moss drives the ball for big winnings, their addition to the crime has been as important to the success Utah has had this season; and most importantly, the last four games.

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