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Triple H Shares Photo of Massive Bruise before pectoral surgery

Triple H shares a picture of the massive bruising that he sports as a result of his suffering a broken…

Triple H shares a picture of the massive bruising that he sports as a result of his suffering a broken pectoral muscle at the WWE Crown Jewel event last week. Anyone who believes in their decision to marry the McMahon family and become a WWE boss, there is no doubt that Triple H is truly one of the greatest artists in their generation. He has participated in some really epic matches and delivered some of the most emotionally convincing commercials in the industry. He has been in war with almost all of the modern WWE legends, such as The Rock, Stone Cold, Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, John Cena, The Undertaker, Dave Bautista and, of course, his best friend Shawn Michaels.

Only based on his achievements as an in-ring practitioner alone, Triple H would be the first ballot WWE hall of fame, and it’s not even considering he’s currently leading WWE through his NXT development mark. Unfortunately, HHH has also suffered major injuries during his long career, and any professional athlete can confirm that the rising eels usually make them more susceptible to injury.

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It was exactly what happened to “The Game” this past Friday at WWE’s very controversial Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia. To put away the real scandal caused by the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi of the Saudi government Crown Jewel finally ended the fans as an average event when it came to quality. To try their best to experience the show in the main event were HHH and Shawn Michaels, who took The Undertaker and Kane in a team team game. During the match, Triple H hit a broken pectoral muscle, an injury that will require months of recovery time. Earlier tonight, King of Kings took to Twitter to share a photo showing the absolutely terrible big purple bruises he currently sports before going into surgery tomorrow.

Wow, it’s a scary looking bruise. Obviously, it’s not necessarily the worst damage that Triple H has sustained over his wrestling career, as he tore both his quad muscles on separate occasions and also ripped his bicep. A big question right now is whether this cake will keep HHH from racing in April WrestleMania XXXV, the biggest event in WWE’s annual schedule. It would not be the first time he missed a WrestleMania, but it would still not make a little less for both him and his fans.

Interestingly, rumors have been circulated for weeks now so Triple H would meet the old rivals and Evolution’s teammate Dave Bautista at WrestleMania. The renewal of their prolonged feud was killed in October, during SmackDowns 1000th episode celebration, which saw Bautista remind Triple H as for all the last awards, he was never hit “The Animal” one-on-one . If HHH has to miss the show, you wonder if a replacement for Bautista will be found or if he simply interrupts his WWE return plans and returns to Hollywood.

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