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Trey Gowdy suggests video capture James Comey's testimony to prevent leakage

"The leakage action is not having a public hearing where you will ask about 17 months of work to work…

“The leakage action is not having a public hearing where you will ask about 17 months of work to work in 5 minutes,” said Gowdy Sunday at CBS Face the Nation. “I think the cure is to videotape the deposit.”

Comey was issued a court tribunal committee to personally testify to Congress next month about FBI action in the presidential campaign from 2016. A lawyer for Comey said his client would fight the order in court.

“Got a mood from House Republicans,” Comey tweeted Thursday. “I’m still happy to sit in the light and answer all the questions. But I will resist a” closed door “thing because I’ve seen enough of their selective leakage and distortion. Let’s hear and invite everyone to see.”

Gowdy said Sunday he agrees with Comey that “leaks are counterproductive” and suggested video capture testimony as a way to combat leaks.

“I hate leaks, I think they undermine the authenticity of the investigation,” said Gowdy. “But the cure is not to have a professional wrestling-type carnival atmosphere, which is what the congressional public hearings have become.”

Gowdy suggested that the interview should be completely tortured but then “scrub it for classified information … and then release it to the public.” He said that, in the end, the corporate court committee chairman Bob Goodlatte, but if he was in charge, Gowdy said he would make a “formal offer” to Comey.

Goodlatte also convicted former Advocate General Loretta Lynch.

“While the Congressional Courts Authority is wide, it does not cover the right to abuse closed hearings as a political stunt to promote political opposites to the legislative agenda,” said David Kelley, a Comey attorney last week. 1

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