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Travis AFB spent $ 1,280 per coffee cup; Senator condemns waste

This heated metal wiper used by the 60th Aerial Squadron at Travis Air Force Base near Fairfield, California, stated that…

An Iowa Senator is making a slow burn over the high cost of keeping coffee pipes hot at the Travis Air Force Base near Fairfield, California.

Fox News reported Monday that Republican later Chuck Grassley questioned the procurement of dozens of beverages tumblers for the base’s 60th Aerial Squadron at a cost of nearly $ 56,000 over three years. The copper, used on board aircraft, have the ability to reheat liquids.

Grassley wrote Air Force Minister Heather Wilson on October 2 and demanded an explanation of the purchase, which contained 25 cups for 32 thousand dollars, or 1 280 dollars each, in 2018 alone.

A design error in the container allows the handle to break easily if the cup falls, according to the squadron. Replacement handles are not available, so a whole new cup must be purchased.

Air Guard Secretary Heather Wilson told Grassley in a letter that, in general, the Air Force has spent 326,785 dollars on 391 copper since 2016. Wilson said the Air Force

Wilson told Grassley that water heater is used in KC-10, C- 5 and C-17 aircraft.

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Wilson acknowledged the waste in his letter, which Grassley released on Friday.

“It’s simply irresponsible to spend thousands of dollars on manufactured parts when we have the technology available to produce them themselves,” she wrote.

But Grassley interrupted the original cost of the cup as excessive.

“While I estimate that the Air Force is working to find innovations that would help save the taxpayer’s dollars, it is still unclear why it can not find a cheaper alternative to a $ 1,280 c up,” he says. “Government officials are in charge to use taxpayers’ dollars effectively. Too often it is not so. I’m going to continue this question further. “

Fox News said it was trying to reach the manufacturer of hot copper, G & H Aerospace, an Arizona defense contractor. An email comment was not returned immediately and a man responded to the phone at the company office on Monday afternoon said “we have no comment” and hung up, Fox reported.

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