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Trainer Poll Top 25: A big shakeup like four teams jump 11 points in the college football ranking

There is very little change on top of the new coach's vote, but much shakes up in the top 25…

There is very little change on top of the new coach’s vote, but much shakes up in the top 25 thanks to a wild week 9 that saw 10 of their ranked teams lose. Texas was one of a few of those lucky enough to stay in the top 15 in the coach’s vote after losing and releasing eight spots from No. 7 to No. 15. Longhorns may have set in motion from making a College Football Playoff run &#821

1; and will see the results of it on Tuesday when the CFP Selection Committee releases its new ranking – but with a single conference loss they remain in the thick of the Big 12 title race with Oklahoma and West Virginia.

While Longhorns had the biggest drop in the week, the biggest move from Syracuse came. Orange surpassed the NC state home on Saturday night and jumped 20 places up to the top 25 at No. 24. Georgia was a big winner in week 9 but just saw that ranking improved a spot from No. 6 to No. 5 while Florida took a little step back but not punished too much by voters with a three-point delay to No. 14.

All losses allowed for many major moves, including four teams that jumped at least 11 spots in the rankings. In addition to Syracuse’s 20-point motion No. 24, No. 17 Houston moved up 12 seats, while No. 21 Mississippi State and No. 22 Virginia both moved up 11 places.

Check out the entire coach Poll top 25 below, via USA today:

1. Alabama
2. Clemson
3. Notre Dame
4. LSU
T5. Michigan
T5. Georgia
7. Oklahoma
8. Ohio State
9. UCF
10. West Virginia
11. Washington State
12. Kentucky
13. Penn State
14. Florida
15. Texas
16. Utah
17. Houston
18. Iowa
19. Washington
20. Utah State
21. Mississippi State
22. Virginia
23. Fresno State
24. Syracuse
25. Boston College

Released: No. 17 Texas A & M, No. 19 Wisconsin, No. 20 South Florida, No. 21 Oregon, No. 22 NC State, No. 23 Stanford, No. 25 Miami.

Other Receiving Voices: Texas A & M 167; Cincinnati 116; South Florida 87; Michigan State 48; Wisconsin 41; NC states 40; North west 40; Miami 38; Georgia Southern 32; Oklahoma State 31; UAB 24; Stanford 21; Auburn 21; Oregon 20; San Diego State 16; Buffalo 14; Army 13; South Carolina 11; Iowa State 6; Florida International 6; Virginia Tech 5; Pittsburgh 3; Duke 3; Boise State 2.

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