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Traffic sham: Police are crossing the carton bus on the Russian bridge

The wheels on the bus do not go so fast.The police pumped the brakes of four people trying to cross…

The wheels on the bus do not go so fast.

The police pumped the brakes of four people trying to cross an iconic bridge in Russia dressed as a carton bus.

Video was widely shared on Russian social media Tuesday showed the “bus” – with four pairs of legs stabbing out of the bottom – making its way through busy traffic on the Golden Bridge in Vladivostok.

The golden bridge, also known as the Zolotoy Bridge, was built for Asia Pacific economic cooperation summit in 2012. A cable-bridged bridge spans the golden Hornboat that opens to the Japanese Sea.

The Supreme Court of Russia decided in 2015 that the bridge would be closed to pedestrians based on seeing that the walking paths along it are too narrow to be safe. Since then, the issue has been a thoughtful topic with locals, who have kept walking, it is the shortest way into the city center.

The four men caught on video seemed to try to get around the pedestrian ban by dressing as a bus.

The video shows a security guard that draws the “bus” and forces it to turn over.

A woman who filmed the event from her car can be heard expressing surprise and joy when she sees the “bus” and then saying the authorities should leave it alone.

“God, do not touch them!” she says on the video. “Why do they drive away? It’s beautiful. It’s art. Why does not he understand?”

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