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Tourist killed in Costa Rica suffered from violent death, says her father

"It was a violence that was completely violent," said Carlos Caicedo, the father of Carla Stefaniak, a US citizen who…

“It was a violence that was completely violent,” said Carlos Caicedo, the father of Carla Stefaniak, a US citizen who left late last month while living in an apartment outside the Costa Rica capital, San Jose.

“And we ask why,” Caicedo said in an interview with CNN an Español. “We have no explanation.”

A Nicaraguan national, Bismarck Espinoza Martinez, 32, has been arrested in connection with Stefaniak’s death, according to Costa Rica officials. He was a security guard at the apartment building where Stefaniaks Airbnb was located.

On Monday, a partially disintegrated body was found about 300 meters from the complex, according to Walter Espinoza, a spokesman for Costa Rica’s investigation department.

Her family was confirmed in a Facebook post early Wednesday morning, her father had seen the body and belonged to Stefaniak.

An autopsy showed several stomach ulcers on “neck and upper extremities”, as well as stupid strain on the head, Espinoza said.

There were also stains inside the apartment where she stayed “compatible with the blood and will be presented for further investigation and comparison,” he said.

Sacrifice celebrated his birthday

] Stefaniak’s grandson, April Burton, told CNN they went to Costa Rica to celebrate Stefaniak’s 36th birthday. They had traveled together for six days, staying in beach towns outside of San Jose before Stefaniak released Burton at the airport on November 27th and returned their rental car.

Stefaniak was expected to fly out the next morning, according to CNN affiliate WSVN.

But her relatives were worried last week when she stopped contacting them and was not on her flight home from Costa Rica.

Until that time I had constantly communicated with her, Caicedo said. “She would send videos, lyrics.”

During his travels, Stefaniak told his father: “This is a safe country, and we feel really safe.”

 The death of the tourist shakes Costa Rica's reputation as a safe destination

Caicedo said he would remember his daughter as a happy and enthusiastic person who always laughs, he said.

“She had no enemies, no,” he said, adding that it took him a long time to find a picture of her daughter where she did not smile because “that’s the kind of woman she was.”

A friend of Stefaniaks in New York was the latest known person who had contact with her, told Caicedo for CNN an Español. Stefaniak told his friend that she was very thirsty and wanted to leave her Airbnb to get water, but it rained too hard.

Suspected stayed in the next apartment, per official

Espinoza Martinez had lived in the apartment next to Stefania’s rental, Espinoza said, the spokesman for the government.

“The person associated with this assassination (Espinoza Martinez) was close to her and had the time and place to commit the crime, he said.

Detective who interviewed persons who had contact with Espinoza Martinez became suspicious when they noticed his statements were contradictory, said Espinoza.

The watchman told Stefaniak’s relatives that he last saw her at 5 o’clock on November 28th, and entered a Uber to go to the airport, according to Leandro Fernandez, a friend of the victim. [19659002] But it was not meaningful, Fernandez told WSVN, for Stefania’s flight was not until noon.

The family later learned that there were no entries in Stefania’s Uber account from that day, Fernandez said.

[19659006] CNN’s Natalie Gallon and Nicole Chavez contributed to this report.

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