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Touchdown: Test and review of the LG G7 ThinQ

516 Now what the LG G7 ThinQ arrives in Spain officially We have already been able to spend some time…


Now what the LG G7 ThinQ arrives in Spain officially We have already been able to spend some time alone with the smartphone of the Korean firm. As we expected, we are facing a terminal that aspires to everything and that comes stomping, something that we have been able to perceive in our first contact with the LG G7 ThinQ .

First of all, it is evident that the notch located on the front of the screen is striking and something that enthusiasts of this design will love, at the same time that those who hate the notch would like to eliminate from the LG G7 ThinQ screen . Fortunately, LG has implemented a feature in the device software that allows to hide this notch and enjoy a much more classic screen design. Point in favor for the Korean brand, as we have already seen in other phones such as Huawei P20.

LG G7 ThinQ view

Maybe the decision to imitate the iPhone X is something that fans of the brand will not like too much, just as we can not deny that the OnePlus 6 aims to be a copy of Apple’s top-end . Fortunately it seems that the top of range of LG has several “weapons” as a whole that place the smartphone as one of the most interesting bets of the year. The perfect example is found in the Intelligence technology implemented in the camera of the mobile that allows generating images of higher quality as well as working with the phone in ways never seen before.

In this video with our first test and opinion of the LG G7 ThinQ You can check how this design looks, its Artificial Intelligence functions and the operation of the device.

Beyond controversial for its design, which comes in the consumer’s own tastes and his preference for a more classic or more modern mobile, we have also been able to test the LG G7 ThinQ in terms of power and performance. No “but” we can pose to the smartphone, because its 4 GB of RAM (remember that this is the version that can be purchased in Spain) render perfectly with the Snapdragon 845 that we find inside the smartphone.

Touchdown: Test and review of the LG G7 ThinQ

In short, this is a smartphone that, despite presenting a 6.15-inch screen, feels comfortable and pleasant in the hand thanks to the application of the 18: 9 display format that almost completely ignores the front frames. The camera of the device aims to become one of the best of the moment and we have not found slowdowns or problems of operation during our LG G7 ThinQ test .

Soon we will spend more time with the mobile to extend all these first impressions in the more complete analysis of the LG G7 ThinQ which will be sold in the middle of next month. As we have already said, its price is 848 euros for the 4 GB RAM model and 64 GB of storage, and you can buy the first days exclusively with Vodafone.

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