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Total Bellas returns, with 100% less John Cena

November 29, 2018 Entertainment 0 Views Total Divas is flying the last episode of its eighth season on E! Tonight…

Total Divas is flying the last episode of its eighth season on E! Tonight (Weds., Nov. 28).

But do not be bad, fans of the Totes franchise! You only have to be about six weeks without new episodes of your favorite WWE-adjace reality series. That’s because it was confirmed by all involved that Divas spin-off Total Bellas will return to its fourth season at Sun., Jan. 13!

And judging from the above trailer, focuses on being on Nikki & Bree’s return to the ring and Nicole’s new loneliness after John Cena.

Here is the official synopsis:

“Bella Twins and Daniel Bryan are back with a whole new season of Total Bellas, Premier Sunday, January 1

3 at 9/8 C on E!.

The new season of Total Bellas will follow Nikki Bella as she moves forward with her new life as a lonely woman and dips back into the dating pool for the first time in nearly a decade so that Brie can play matchmaker and set her up on date. Superstar twins return to the ring with renewed focus and joy to begin the way to WWE’s first time all women’s pay-per-view event, WWE Evolution. Brie and Bryan are discussing expanding their family, but with them both back to in-ring competition and away from Birdie, they have to decide if it’s time to add another baby to the mix.

Season 4 of Total Bellas gets on her way like Nikki, is looking for a change, spontaneously deciding she wants to move to Los Angeles, but these plans are launched when WWE asks Brie and Nikki to compete on Evolution. Nikki decides to plant her roots in San Diego where she can train with Brie for WWE’s historic event. Meanwhile, Brie and Bryan are talking about trying for number two, but Brie has reservations she does not share with her husband. “

Nary a mention of the face that used to drive the place, the man whose castle was the set for season one of this series. Will his name be released at all, or will he just hunt the show as a ghost we can not see? [19659009] Guess we have to set up next year to find out. Or, you know, and I’m just talking here for myself (and probably Sheamus ) … not.

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