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Toronto Esports Team withdraws because it could not use “Toronto” Anymore

It takes your ball and goes home, and then there is what Toronto Esports just did. After a few days…

It takes your ball and goes home, and then there is what Toronto Esports just did. After a few days of unusual tweets from the organization’s president and founder, including an unanswered challenge to Overwatch League’s new Toronto team, Toronto Esports suddenly broke out of Overwatch s league Contenders over a naming dispute. In a further statement to Kotaku the Toronto Esport president quoted questions about “Recent Changes to the Contenders Rules”, which probably goes “against our core values.”

Until yesterday, Toronto Esport’s Contenders succeeded in the team of the Overwatch League Boston Uprising. The organization dubbed its smaller league team “Toronto Uprising” and that name was part of what caused problems, according to Toronto Esports tweet on the matter last night.

“We have been informed by Blizzard that we will have to remove” Toronto “from our brand in just 6 weeks. Mid Contenders season 3, says Toronto Esport’s account.” The reason for this: Toronto Defiant has bought ” exclusive naming rights. “We will leave Overwatch efficiently immediately. Good riddance. “

Toronto Defiant is a new Overwatch League team run by OverActive Media and the Splyce esport organization. The team had its great release (read: brand) party in late October. It begins to start racing when Overwatch League season two begins in February. As another Overwatch League team, Defiant can now also field an “academy” team for Overwatch Contenders if it chooses

With the launch of Toronto Defiant, Toronto Esports may have seen the writing on the wall of their Overwatch Contenders Team Name. Instead of preemptively changing the name, Organization President Ryan Pallett Toronto Defiant challenged a show match despite the fact that Toronto Esports is a Contenders team and Defiant is a team team.

Toronto Defiant did not respond to Toronto Esport’s show match challenge. After a few days without a reply, the official Toronto Esport Twitter account repeated the challenge with a few junk and wrote that Overwatch the League team must be” afraid “and later, writes :” What does their silence say? “

This elevated eyebrow from some in the Overwatch League Community, including London Media Social Manager, Mateus Portilho, who wrote “Can this team stop tweeting cringe things, it really mirrors them and the OW competitive scene.”

Pallet responded to this post by apparently take a headlong glide in Portilhos DMs at the end of last week asking why he was against the show match idea and then – when he did not answer – he called a “coward”. In a public tweet, Pallet wrote thatPortilho was “a joke”.

All this led to Toronto Es Ports split from Overwatch Contenders last night. While things had not been completely normal during the earlier days, they were still shocked by the sudden departure. The team’s own players also seemed to be shocked.

“Damn,” tweeted Toronto Esport’s player Charlie “Nero” Zwarg in response to the news. “I guess I’m home boys, it was a good run.”

For hours, President Chris Furanger, President of the Uprising, has clarified that his organization still has the Contenders team’s player and employment contract as well as the Contenders card slot. The team will continue.

“I do not currently have the opportunity to address the latest or current decision from Toronto Esports, and we were not part of the decision at all,” Loranger tweeted tweeted ]. “We will continue to compete as a team, but apparently under a new brand. That’s all I can say for the moment but will provide further details at a later date.”

Kotaku stretched to Toronto Esports, Boston Uprising and Blizzard about all this, but with publication, the latter two had not yet commented. Pallet in Toronto Esports gave the following statement to Kotaku :

“Yes, we felt we were loyal to Blizzard and Overwatch . We stayed and helped scout and developed players in Level 2 in the early days before Overwatch League, at a time when most other organizations abandoned Overwatch . We felt that, in view of this, we should at least be able to retain our original brand as we We are also of the opinion that the latest changes to Contender’s rules create unnecessary obstacles that harm the talent development ecosystem. This is against our core values.

We challenged Defiant for a show match, we felt that it would be a good local event and many of our fans really wanted it to happen so we continue to represent them when we press Defiant to answer.

We are planning to enter new titles and for set aside to compete in esports and help young players. I think it is unlikely that we will continue to work with the Kraft Group. However, I would like to say that Chris Loranger and Uprising and Kraft Group have been incredible partners. We have nothing but the ultimate respect for them and their leadership in sport. “

There is something here about Blizzard’s continued prioritization of Overwatch League over all else especially Contenders, considering the latest changes to Contenders format the name will always be a problem for Toronto Uprising and Toronto Defiant. Maybe … show the match was a good idea after all?

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