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Top Trump officials saved the President from himself

It never happened, apparently thwarted by then-White House Counsel Don McGahn and other senior officials. Men det betyder ikke at…

It never happened, apparently thwarted by then-White House Counsel Don McGahn and other senior officials. Men det betyder ikke at dette er en krise dodged for Trump, og han er nu fri for frisk lovlig og politisk jeopardi. Quite the reverse.

At the very least, the latest developments underline how Trump’s senior subordinates may have shielded a president unschooled in constitutional norms from disastrous steps that could have put his presidency in danger.

And it leaves anyone on the outside wondering what other potential disasters top officials like McGahn, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions and current Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein may have prevented.

They also raise questions about the capacity of a now-understaffed White House and legal counsel’s operation to protect The President from current or future transgressions.

It will be impossible to confirm, given the usual silence from the special counsel’s office, but the revelation hint at the possibility that Robert Mueller knows much more about what went on in the corridors of the West Wing than has been publicly revealed.

That will play into rising tensions in Washington amid expectations t hat the endgame of Mueller’s probe is in sight and speculation about possible indictments targeting Trump world and the content of his final report.

Bombshell reports by CNN and The New York Times about the President’s intentions emerged on another surreal day in Washington that saw shocking disclosures about Ivanka Trump’s emails and a huge foreign policy pivot over Saudi Arabia.

 Ivanka Trump used personal account for emails about government business

They will bolster perceptions that Trump had his intentions

CNN reported Tuesday that the president, Vid flere lejligheder, spurte Rosenstein og Matt Whitaker, som så var chef for staben til generaladvokaten,

Earlier, The New York Times reported that Trump had asked McGahn to get the Justice Department to prosecute Clinton and fired FBI Director Comey but that he had been rebuffed.

The paper, lifting Trump had repeatedly criticized FBI Director Christopher Wray for failing to aggressively investigate Clinton calling him weak.

It is not surprising that Trump would call for such prosecutions. He has often said so much on the campaign trail and on Twitter and beamed as his crowds chanted “lock her up,” referring to his 2016 election foe.

But that he would actually believe he has the power to follow through on his

A prosecution of Clinton – possibly about her private email server or an Obama era uranium deal struck with Russia, both while she was secretary of state – ville have challenged the fundamentals of the political system itself. American democracy since George Washington, the first president, has been assured by the peaceful transfer of power between often bitter rivals.

Mobilizing the government’s prosecutorial powers against Comey would represent a vindictive swipe against a political enemy, a worrying sign in itself.

But it could also have led Trump on a perilous legal ground because he fired Comey and then told NBC News he had done so because of the Russia investigation – which was Comey then leading – raising concerns that the President had obstructed justice.

The dismissal made the former FBI director a key witness in the probe, which was taken over by Mueller shortly after Comey was forced out. Bruke den føderale regering til at målrette en sådan vidne ville risikere at spille i obstruktionen af ​​retssagen, at Mueller undersøger, da det kunne give bevis for spørgsmålet om, hvorvidt præsidenten havde handlet med ondsindet intent.

Josh Campbell, who served as an aide to Comey at the FBI and is now a CNN analyst, said his former boss was shaking his head at reports that the President wanted the Justice Department to investigate him.

“This is what had him worried then. He’s been so vocal about now and speaking out, “Campbell said on” Anderson Cooper 360. “

Comey wrote in his book” A Higher Loyalty “, which came out earlier this year, that Trump often reminded him of a mafia boss and sent him back to his days to prosecute the mob, especially with the President’s demands for personal loyalty.

Renewed scrutiny of Matt Whitaker

The latest revelations also cast new review on Whitaker, who is now acting Attorney General, after Trump Fired Sessions.

Whitaker’s elevation, and criticized the Mueller probe, sparked concerns that he was put in place to thwart the Russia investigation.

A source told CNN’s Pamela Brown that Whitaker, in his former role, came to meetings with Trump prepared to answer how the Justice Department was pursuing investigations against the Clinton Foundation and on the Uranium One issue, about a mining company whose sale to Russia’s nuclear energy agency had been approved by the Obama administration while Clinton was secretary of state.

Whitaker is now in a role in which he oversees the Mueller probe, and thus could face intense Press from a President who has made no secret of his disdain for an investigation he has called a “witch hunt.”

When Trump first requested the investigations in April, McGahn told the President said he could not compel the Justice Department to prosecute people, the Times said. The paper also reported that McGahn had gone so far as to have White House lawyers draft a memo listing the consequences of such a request.

In many ways, The latest reports underline how Trump, a neophyte in Washington when he was inaugurated in January 2017, does not appreciate or respect normal boundaries between the White House and Justice Department.

They also suggest how if he is not constrained, the President could

Denne mulighed synes at være forværet af Trumps øgede selvtillid i et hvidt hus, der kan være om at blive frataget mange tilbageholdende indflydelser i en regering reshuffle.

Tuesday’s reports recalled a exchange in a Clinton / Trump presidential debate in 2016, when the Democratic nominee noted that it was good th That someone with her rival’s temperament was not running the country.

“Because you would be in jail,” Trump replied.

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